Sir Tom Jones has been known to the public for over 50 years with an extensive discography, long list of awards, and knighthood under his belt. Throughout this time, however, Tom has never been far from his loving family, who have always been his greatest supporters

Check out some of Tom’s best family photos – including pictures with his late wife Linda, son Mark, and parents

Tom married his sweetheart Melinda (known as Linda) Trenchard in 1957 when he was only 17 years old

Just two years later, the couple became pregnant with their first and only child, a son they named Mark.In order to support his young family, Tom took a job in a glove factory, but it wasn’t long before his singing career began

Tom was born in 1940 to parents Thomas Woodward, a miner, and Freda Jones, and grew up in Glamorgan, South Wales. Originally named Thomas Woodward after his father, the singer took his mother’s last name as a stage name

Tom has a sibling, a sister named Sheila Davies. Both his mother and sister, pictured above, were incredibly supportive of Tom’s career and often flew to America to watch him perform

The star was very close to his mother and is said to have been devastated when she died in 2003 At the age of 13, Freda cared for a teenage Tom who had tuberculosis

After the success of Tom’s Singles “It’s not uncommon and what’s new, Pussycat?” he and his wife Linda moved from Wales to Sunbury, Surrey, where they and their son Mark carry items to their new home

Tom gave a very important guest a tour of the ATV studios in Elstree in 1969 before This is Tom Jones was recorded. Tom and his ex-miner father chat between takes. Tom’s appearance on the variety show earned him a Golden Globe- Nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical a

Tom’s success as a singer took him around the world, and Linda and Mark often accompanied him on these trips. Eventually they moved to the US and moved to a £ 65 million mansion in LA

om and Linda were happily married 59 years before Linda sadly passed away in 2016. Linda, a lifelong smoker, battled lung cancer twice before succumbing to the disease at the age of 75 after a “brief but fierce” battle >

Linda has been by her husband’s side throughout his career, although she greatly preferred not to be in the spotlight. In a rare interview, Linda once said of her husband, “I feel alive when [Tom] walks through the door comes no matter what time of day or night “

In 1983 Tom became a grandfather for the first time! His son, Mark, and his wife, Donna, welcomed September 1983 their first child together, a boy named Alex. They later became a family of four when daughter Emma joined them in 1987

Tom and his son Mark of the same name are preparing for a concert in Las Vegas in 1980

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Tom Jones

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