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The former foreign minister chose a color of unity and optimism for the historic day

Hillary Rodham Clinton came to the capital in a deep purple pants suit by Ralph Lauren for the inauguration in 2021. Her outfit coordination with Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama was no coincidence: purple, a mixture of red and blue, is the political color of unity The former Secretary of State also wore purple when she delivered her concessional speech in 2016 that touched upon divisions in the United States, her outfits call for both sides of the political spectrum to come together and move forward

Clinton’s fashion choices came under frequent attack during her tenure in Washington, DMuch to her frustration, Clinton reportedly replied when Clinton’s team asked about the shoes she was planning to wear during a major debate in 2016: “Did anyone ask Bernie [Sanders] about his damn shoes? I don’t care, ironically, a lot of the styles she wore in the 1980s and 1990s – boxy blazers, headbands, and pant suits – are on trend today, and their pant suits have become a signature, “I like pant suits,” Clinton wrote in her memoir What Happened “They make me feel professional and ready. Even with Ralph Lauren in heavy rotation, her pant suits are versatile and evolving, like the purple ensemble she wore to her inauguration
In fact, Clinton’s dedication to that uniform undoubtedly served as inspiration for Harris’ fashion choices, albeit with a modern twist. For Americans watching today, it’s powerful to realize that three of the most influential women in the country on that historic day as Team came together to encourage everyone to come together and move forward (in pant suits or otherwise)


World News – FI – There’s a reason Hillary Clinton wore purple when inaugurated in 2021

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