Lauren Cohan as Maggie, Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah, James Devoti as Cole – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 17 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade / AMC

When Maggie appeared in “A Certain Doom” she didn’t come alone and in “Home Sweet Home” we saw more of her new friends – some shorter than others. With the masked fighter Elijah and her deputy Cole, Maggie introduced her new friends before her old ones and said that they came – along with others she had brought with her – from a village

As the episode played out, we learned that the village had fallen and that the remaining survivors had come with Maggie to find a new home in Hilltop. How exactly the village fell we do not yet know, although it is clearly was not as simple as a passing herd breaking through its walls

While the group searches for the rest of their people in the forest, they stop in some storage bins for the night. There Maggie Daryl tells a little about the journey she had to make back to her family. It is clear that she is in the Years apart from them suffered as much as she suffered when things went south in group after group

Despite working with Georgie most of the time – helping new groups in new places – Maggie reveals that after a failure, she decided to take Hershel to her seaside family. but it is clear that she went east (while Georgie was traveling west), and so Maggie is probably referring to the Atlantic

After spending time with Hershel, she came across her current group. She explains that when they met this community, they “needed us as much as we needed them,” indicating that this village, that she found somehow had problems, although we have no know-how

It doesn’t seem bad enough to keep her from settling there with Hershel for the next few years, however, whatever caused the community’s need for a strong leader like Maggie.It wasn’t until the Reapers showed up that Maggie had that Need to flee

It may be that the village where Cole, Elijah, and the others lived resembled the Atlantic-facing settlement we know of – Oceanside Although they did a bit of a successful job on their own, in the end they knew that education along with Kingdom, Hilltop and Alexandria was the only way to survive

Georgie’s guide to so many communities shows how many people needed guidance and help, and what kind of guidance only someone like Maggie could provide.She had been through so much, from losing the family farm to losing the prison and then her sister Beth, even before Negan murdered her husband Glenn while she was pregnant with Hershel

All of these tests Maggie went through made her an amazing leader at Hilltop and made her attractive to any community seeking help. And that could be all this community needed. You may have comfortably existed but it they lacked guidance and guidance, and Maggie would have been the ideal candidate to help set them on the path to self-sufficiency and thriving

Yet all this help is for free if another group decides to destroy what they have And that seems – until now – to be what happened to Maggie’s village when she confronted the attacker who was her friends individually picked up, she said they had done nothing wrong, never harmed that mysterious group that was after them, however, do we know that this was absolutely the case?

With the likes of Cole and Elijah, it’s fair to say that Maggie’s people were skilled fighters who couldn’t get that far without practice. She also told Daryl that she was unable to get over anything that happened to her village was to speak fully So is there more to the story than meets the eye? And is there a reason Hershel was the only child in the group?

In future episodes, will we find out why the Pope’s people are so determined to wipe out the entire group that they would follow them across the country? It is unlikely that this level of aggression was due to a dispute over supplies or territory

Hopefully over time we will hear more about this village, how it came about, what happened when Maggie came and how it fell, along with the individual stories of Maggie’s friend Elijah and Cole your stories could be in the future will be vital if the Reapers are planning on hanging out – and from what we’ve seen, it’s a solid guess it will be

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