Posted: 09:23 GMT, 23 March 2021 | Updated: 13:11 GMT, 23 March 2021

A stunning 56-year-old says she is regularly mistaken for someone who is almost HALF her age – and that her youthful appearance is despite drinking a glass of red wine every day

Sheena Cole, from Auckland, New Zealand, says she often has to explain to red-faced 20-year-olds that she has been happily married for 25 years when they try her best chat-up lines about her

And she says that even women often assume she’s only in her early 30s – in fact, she’s actually already retired

The retired marketing manager owes her youthful glamor to her healthy lifestyle and wearing plenty of sun protection factor – even though she drinks a glass of wine every day

Sheena Cole, from Auckland, New Zealand, may be 56 years old and retired, but most people think she is in her thirties as pictured

The retired marketing manager insists that her youthful appearance has no secrets other than a healthy lifestyle

‘For example, when I wear my jean shorts with no makeup on, people assume I’m younger than me

‘There have been many occasions with young people who used their best lines to entertain me’

Sheena, as pictured, admitted that she is often approached by younger men trying to flirt with her They are shocked to hear that they are just 25 years old Has celebrated wedding anniversary

Sheena says it can get a little uncomfortable, knowing that she is often older than her mothers

She added, “Recently a guy came over to hang art and I mentioned that I was turning 25 Had celebrated wedding anniversary

The 56-year-old pictured said genetics had a lot to do with her skin because her parents had beautiful skin too

Sheena is Ready to Hit Town She said the effects of a good healthy lifestyle on the skin couldn’t be ignored

She uses tretinoin, which improves the appearance of surface wrinkles and vitamin C serum sunscreens

She adds, “For years I’ve been asked about the secret of youthful skin There is really no secret

‘But the effects of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, and wearing sunscreen cannot be ignored

‘It’s all very good when botox and fillers have the choice to look younger. However, youthful skin is also about radiance, skin texture, soft, supple skin and even skin tone

Sheena said she didn’t want to have an operation because she wanted to be able to move her face and said she was more interested in her skin glow than botox

The Marketing Manager when she was 48, Sheena follows a strict skin care routine, putting SPF on every day

The medicated cream can be used to treat acne or sun damaged skin. While it cannot remove deep wrinkles, it does affect light wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots

“To me, it’s as close to a miracle in a jar as you’re going to get,” Sheena said, ‘However, the benefits of sunscreen cannot be ignored, especially when growing up under the scorching New Zealand sun

She said, “I rarely eat processed foods and avoid anything that is sugary, which is easy for me because I don’t have a sweet tooth

‘Life is there for life, so I have my treat which is a nice glass of wine at night’

In addition to her youthful looks, Sheena pictured is also full of energy and said she was always ready to dance on the table whenever the opportunity presents itself

Sheena defies age when she was 42. She said that she believed that her demeanor made her youthful looks too

She adds, “Although I generally look younger than me, my attitude is to look younger

‘I more or less wear what I like, I have a lot of energy and I think young in order to feel young

She adds, “As I’ve got older, less is more. I like to move my face and express myself

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