It’s not every day that NBC’s “The Voice” is filmed with four chairs, but the Tuesday night episode!

Zae Romeo, 21, of McKinney, Texas, took the stage to perform Harry Styles’ 2019 hit “Falling” “

“That’s why we’re doing the show to work with special people like you who have a really nice gift and artistic flair,” said coach John Legend

In a previously recorded passage, Romeo stated that he and his siblings had been placed in foster care at a young age

“It was a sad experience, but that’s just the care system It’s not a great place to grow up there, “he said.” It’s hard to grow up and say, ‘Am I going to eat tonight?’ “

Romeo said when he was 6 he and his three siblings were all adopted together.His parents said they looked online and saw a photo of the children and were moved to help

“We looked at the computer and there was this picture of all four of them,” his mother said emotionally. “And Jim said, ‘These are our kids’ and that was it”

Obviously his emotional performance moved the judges and in the end Romeo chose Jonas as his coach. Jonas has never won the show, but Romeo wasn’t worried about it

“He really talked to me and I was a fan of Nick from the start,” said Romeo

By the time the episode ended, Jonas was excited to see how his team was going after the 20th Season of the NBC show was looking for

“My team is taking shape in the most incredible way because I couldn’t have planned all these different voices and genres that we use,” said Jonas. “It was really nice to get that four-chair turn”

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Romeo was the second turn with four chairs this season. Monday night’s episode featured Kenzie Wheeler, a 22-year-old from Dover, Fla., hitting the judges with his portrayal of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” and his epic mullet – Hairstyle impressed

Wheeler eventually selected original American Idol winner, pop star, and TV presenter Kelly Clarkson as his coach after blocking country star and co-coach Blake Shelton at the end of Tuesday’s episode, Clarkson said she had Jonas and his Keep an eye on recruits with four chairs

“Nick won this turn with four chairs. He shows up this season,” joked Clarkson. “I’m keeping an eye on Nick. That Jonas, don’t trust him!”

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