FILE PHOTO: During a 25th anniversary ceremony On the 28th anniversary of a maritime disaster at MS Estonia, candles are seen next to the names of the victims.With 803 passengers and 186 crew members it sank on 28 September 2019 in the Baltic Sea in Tallinn, Estonia REUTERS / Ints Kalnins / file photo

STOCKHOLM, 18 December (Reuters) – Sweden said Friday it would allow an underwater investigation of the ferry Estonia, which sank in the Baltic Sea 26 years ago, killing 852 people after a documentary showed previously unknown holes in the hull of the wreck The official investigation found in 1997, that the bow shield of the roll-on and roll-off ferry had failed, damaged the bow ramp and flooded the car deck

However, a Discovery Network documentary about the disaster shown in the fall contained new underwater video images from the wreck site showing two previously unknown holes on the starboard side of the ship’s hull

“If there is new information, we have to check it and clarify all questions,” said Interior Minister Mikael Damberg at a press conference

Damberg said the government hopes to change the law designating the site of the disaster as a maritime memorial in the first half of next year

On the night of Sept 28, 1994 the Estonia sailed from Tallinn to Stockholm in bad weather with winds about 20 meters per second and waves about 4 meters high, according to the official investigation

After the bow shield failed, the ferry quickly filled with water and most of the deceased were trapped inside

The ship sank about 22 nautical miles from the island of Uto in less than 85 meters of water

A number of theories about the sinking have surfaced over the years that oppose the official explanation, including a collision with a submarine and an explosion inside the ship

However, the head of the Swedish Accident Investigation Board, John Ahlberk, said a preliminary examination of footage from the documentary and previous footage had not led to the conclusion that the 1997 official report was false

“The research we’re doing now is to find out as much as possible how these holes came about and how they came about,” he said

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