Supercell is an extraordinary company that prints money with its mobile games. In 2020, it had another year with a pre-tax profit of 463 million from a financial analyst’s point of view And revenue of $ 1,448 billion, compared to pre-tax income of $ 577 million on 2019 revenue of $ 156 billion

The company released its 2020 results today, as it does once a year under Finnish law, but the Helsinki-based company does not deal with financial data as it generates more money per employee than most companies would ever hope for With 340 employees, Supercell made around $ 4 million per employee, which is pretty brilliant considering the company has a somewhat socialist view of the world

“We are of course incredibly lucky to be in the gaming business,” said CEO Ilkka Panaanen in a blog post. “The challenges we face are tiny compared to so many others We hope our games have brought moments of happiness to our players and helped them stay connected (safely) with friends during the pandemic””

He said that Supercell’s continued mission is to create games that will be played for years and remembered forever Forever it’s a long way off and Supercell is only 10 years old No new games released in 2020


But it doesn’t have to. The company’s five games have been installed more than five billion times, and Brawl Stars is now the fifth game to top $ 1 billion in gross sales

Panaanen said Supercell was busy When COVID-19 struck, the company switched to working remotely. Supercell continued to use small independent game teams, or “cells” “Instead of four offices, the company now has 300+ home offices. Brainstorming became more difficult said the team had to learn to trust each other on a new level even as the pandemic lost productivity

Brawl Stars saw the launch of its Brawl Pass and Map Maker, players have created more than 150 million maps and played more than 50 million hours since October. In terms of sport, 15 million players took part in each monthly World Cup and the team has new ones Content like skins and improvements for social play

Panaanen said Clash of Clans had another great year with updates that made fans happy, but this didn’t apply to Clash Royale, as the Clan Wars 2 update didn’t turn out to be as great as the company had hoped had

“The game has so much more potential and the team is determined to make it a lot better for the players in 2021,” he said

The company’s short film, Lost and Crowned, has been viewed over 100 million times on all platforms

Meanwhile, Hay Day players planted more than 100 million trees and bushes at the company’s Play For Trees Global Help event

The company has more than 1500 employees in its Content Creator program, and now 23 million players have made 70 million Creator Boost purchases, and there have been thousands of submissions for its Supercell Make program, where artists can submit content for their favorite games and the community votes to to determine what’s in the game community artists have more than 200Earned $ 000

Supercell has a habit of killing more games than it launches, all in the name of trying to find games that will last forever and make the most of their teams’ time, the company decided to kill Hay Day Pop, the second Game that hit beta within two years of the company closing

“The overall goal of the Hay Day Pop team was to bring something new to the puzzle genre,” said Panaanen. “They believe in many ways that they did and we are very proud of that what they achieved It has to be one of the best games we’ve ever killed Unfortunately the audience wasn’t found big enough The team ultimately felt they could make better games and decided to quit and share their findings to all Supercell employees ”

But Panaanen said he was confident the company will bring out more beta versions of games in 2021, and possibly more than the company has in a long time

“Any of them could be killed by the game teams at any time because of our high quality bar, but there is definitely a lot of excitement at Supercell,” he said. “We obviously can’t wait to show them all and hope we have more soon Being able to post news ”

Supercell has also been busy investing in outside studios to bring talented games outside of the company and make a greater impact on the gaming world

“As with our in-house teams, we give these studios the complete freedom to make their dreams come true and offer help and support when they need it,” he said. “It has been incredibly insightful and valuable to us from our venture capital companies to get a different perspective on game development and we realized that our way of making games is just one of many ”

In 2020, the company invested in 2UP Games in New Zealand and Papukaya in Finland, bringing the total number of investments in startups to 14

Of these, Metacore’s Merge Mansion launched globally in September, Frogmind has just started welcoming early adopters to HypeHype, which allows anyone with a mobile phone to create games without coding, and Space Ape Games has launched Beatstar as a beta, a Music game that Panaanen was very excited about

As mentioned earlier, under Finnish law, Supercell is required to report its financial results once a year The sales for the 2020 financial year (for the 31 Fiscal year ended December 31st) was € 1 30 billion (or $ 1 48 billion) EUR) and earnings before taxes (EBITDA or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) amounted to 407 million EUR (or 463 million USD)

The company has corporate taxes of 78 million this year alone EUR (or 87 million Panaanen said many members of the team who have benefited from Finland’s free education and health care funded by taxes take pride in giving back

“With all that is happening in the world, we’re glad our business was stable and we think the results are pretty good for a company with around 340 employees,” he said. “For us, it is What is most important about such financial results, however, is that they allow us to keep investing in even better games, take risks and think very long term ”

Sometime this year the company will move to its first bespoke office building, Wood City, in Finland (if it’s safe)

“I believe as we continue to focus on our dream of making games that will be played for years and remembered forever, with a lot of work and a little luck, our best days are ahead,” he said


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