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We love a deal, but this one from the Beam Team is completely free! Just add it to your inventory

Survival games are a dozen, but Stranded Deep seems to be having a lot of feedback. There’s got to be a reason, so there’s a better time to find out than in the free giveaway to the Epic Games Store for 24 Hours Try to win from Beam Team and can be added to your inventory forever for free

Like Lost or The Forest, which has a sequel to next year, Stranded Deep begins with a plane crash that leaves you trapped on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific – sure, it’s a cliché, but it works and it gets you into the action asap, so what’s the damage?

It’s currently accessed early in its alpha build, released in 2015, so there’s still a lot to be added if that’s off-putting, you can always add it to your library and come back in when it’s no longer accessible

Stranded Deep is now available on XB1 and PS4Brave the elements, survive as long as you can and escape! https: // tco / q4TE5KcauI #StrandedDeep https: // tco / G6SVFrsk7g

It was introduced for consoles earlier this year So if PC isn’t your main platform, it’s also available elsewhere, even on Steam, if the Epic Games Store isn’t your preferred hub for your collection

Unfortunately, you can’t quite play Stranded Deep with buds just yet, at least not online couch coop is available, with local split-screen multiplayer However, if you want something to start with a Bud on Discord for free and you have a great time doing it, out of luck here

In two days, however, Epic Games’ giveaway will continue with Torchlight 2, which offers co-op for six players So if you were hoping to take advantage of this 15 day festive handout, just wait until 30 December and your wishes will be fulfilled. By then, you’ve got Stranded Deep under your fingertips and Solitairica is coming tomorrow After today, there are three left, and then it’s back to Epic’s normal routine of weekly freebies

Stranded Deep

World News – FI – Stranded Deep free for 24 hours in the Epic Games Store

Source: https://www.thegamer.com/stranded-deep-free-epic-games-store/