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26th November 2020

STMicroelectronics (STM), a leading global semiconductor manufacturer, and YTO Group Corp, a leading Chinese supplier of agricultural and construction machinery, have plans to establish a joint laboratory at the YTO Intelligence and Information Research Institute in Luoyang, Henan Province, China , announced Laboratory will focus on research and development of electronic solutions for engine, vehicle and agricultural controls in tractors YTO was founded in 1995 and is the largest agricultural machinery company in China

The partners say this will enable rapid development of automated control technologies, along with local and global emissions regulations for off-road diesel engines that are driving the penetration of electronic control systems in tractors.The partners bring their complementary know-how together to meet the demands of the To meet government and industry demands

YTO’s Intelligence and Information Research Institute specializes in electronic control systems for three main agricultural machinery applications: tractors, harvesters and agricultural equipment STM contributes its expertise in semiconductors that make driving safer, greener and more connected, and offers one of the broadest portfolios of automotive ICs in the industry. In addition, STM brings a wealth of experience working with numerous suppliers to meet the demanding requirements of the automotive industry

Lei Jun, Deputy Director of YTO Intelligence and Information Research Institute, said, “As the first tractor, road roller and off-road vehicle manufacturer in China, YTO has a long track record as a leading provider of agricultural equipment. This collaboration combines the latest technologies and application-specific equipment ST ICs with our solutions to continue innovating and ensuring outstanding quality and performance ”

STM will equip the joint laboratory with its latest automotive semiconductor technology and solutions, including SPC5x 32-bit microcontrollers and smart power ICs such as motor control, power supply, and universal high and low-side actuation drivers, along with the appropriate Application Notes, Reference Designs, Development Tools, Technical Support, and Training

Mh Tey, Greater China, South Asia and Korea, Head of Automotive Marketing and Application at STMicroelectronics, said, “With the proliferation of electronic control systems in agricultural applications and the development of Chinese emission standards for off-road diesel engines, working together across the supply chain is one Necessity ST is working with its partners to build strong ecosystems, and we believe that the ST-YTO joint laboratory will fuel ST’s growth in the Chinese tractor and agricultural market while also fueling the development of the next generation electronic control systems for agricultural machinery from YTO will be pushing ”


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