The era of the High Republic presents two terrifying new threats, the Nihil and the Drengir – but Star Wars has revealed which is the worst!

Star Wars has just confirmed that the greatest threat to the High Republic era is the monstrous species known as Drengir, and the future of Star Wars is in the past – specifically the High Republic era with the end of the Skywalker- Saga extends Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise to new media, unknown regions and the distant past.The current stories from the time of the High Republic take place 200 years before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, at a time when the galaxy was rolled into one relative state of peace was

That peace was destroyed by a group of outlaws called the Nihil, which Lucasfilm has compared to Space Vikings, but fascinating as the Nihils are, they’re not the only terrifying new threat uncovered in this period of time that the Jedi unwittingly have one Race of plant beings awakened on the dark side that even the Sith couldn’t really defeat – and the monstrous Drengir seems to have been unleashed across the galaxy

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra No. 8 by Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung confirms that the Drengir are the real threat to the era of the High Republic.This story takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and plays the villainous adventurer / archaeologist Doctor Aphra who is tasked with taking on the investigate the nihil technology for sale on the black market. Aphra’s quest takes her to the remote world of Dol’har Hyde on the outer fringes. Although Aphra does not realize it, it is clear that this world was the scene of a battle between the Nihil and Drengir The Nihil fought, but it is clear that a large number of their ships were knocked down by the forest which the Drengir control with their mysterious powers.It seems that when the Nihil and Drengir finally did battle, things did not go well for the Nihil

This is the brilliance of Lucasfilm’s current transmedia approach, which spans several time periods at the same time, Doctor Aphra No. The main purpose of 8 is to whet readers’ appetites and give them a feel for a struggle we have not yet seen. Obviously, the Drengir threat will spread across the galaxy in the time of the High Republic, and they will eventually end in war with the nihils This makes sense as the Drengir view all mammals simply as “meat” to be devoured, and they would not agree to a truce. But the interesting question is, is Dol’har Hyde simply a world that the Drengir has visited, or? whether it is her homeworld that a single Jedi briefly visited in Claudia Gray’s novel Into The Dark

The interesting question, however, is why Doctor Aphra knows nothing about the Drengir. It is possible that the Jedi purposely erased all records of the creatures after the Drengir was defeated during the era of the High Republic They could depict secrets of the dark side that the Jedi would rather forget. There could be a lot more twists and turns in this great transmedia Star Wars adventure

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