CRYSTAL PALACE player Leigh Nicol has revealed the ordeal she endured in 2019 Some intimate photos of her were stolen and shared on an adult website

She was only 18 years old at the time and was playing in the lower tier of the Scottish team when someone hacked her cell phone and eventually put her football career at risk

In an interview with Sky Sports, she explained her ordeal and how several teams turned her down after learning about the photos, not wanting her name to be identified with her club and brand

This led her into a deep depression and she even revealed that she “understood why people commit suicide because of such things,” adding that she does not know how she managed to overcome the depression, but does that she surrounds herself with it. The right people and the changing perspective have helped her

She claims she is still upset about constant comments on the photos, and she finds it frustrating that this is the only reason why people recognize her

The player who has more than 13She has 700 followers on her Instagram account, on which she shared photos from her holidays in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol, along with many other pictures, but is happy that she is now doing what she loves to do, preferably playing football

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