There were very difficult moments but Leigh Nicol he smiled again and went back to football He is currently an example of overcoming but some time ago he had to go through a real ordeal by sharing your most intimate photos on it Adult sites published For the first time, the Crystal Palace Scottish player dared to give details about this nightmare

Leigh, who wore the jerseys of teams like Reading, London Bees and Milwall Y Charlton Athletic, plunged into a deep depression around the time it was called up for Scotland’s youth teams, his phone was hacked and his photos posted on the internet She found out through a private message from Instagram.His world immediately collapsed

“The fact that I was a soccer player quickly spread the images without my being able to control them,” revealed this week in an interview with Sky Sports

It was in the European spring of 2019 when a hacker broke into his iCloud account and stole private content from five years ago when he was only 18 The distribution of the material began to torment her “I have nieces and nephews, who are now reaching this age, of which they are proud and who want to google me, but it is impossible to stay in the mud without my name. The clubs also did not want to identify my name with their brand, ”he claimed

This whole situation came as a huge emotional blow to this young midfielder who stayed away from the sport for a while and fell into deep depression. He needed therapy because he was mentally affected to the point that he suffered from eating disorders suffered and endangered his health

“I’ve entered a vicious circle. There was never a quiet moment. I still suffer from anxiety and have times when I can’t get up. Now I can understand why people commit suicide for such things because I don’t know how I managed to overcome it. I had to change perspectives and surround myself with the right people, ”he remarked Nicol

Leigh recently reopened his social media accounts after they were closed to avoid having to block 300+ users per day who wrote obscene and hurtful messages, although he acknowledged that this problem persists, As he puts it, “I still get comments at least one a night I’ve come to normalize it and this hurts me It’s frustrating to be recognized for it”

When he signed for Crystal Palace, he found the reluctance he needed to calm down and focus on his sporting career “The palace allows me to be myself They don’t care about my past” In her place in the locker room, where her companions have photos of their loved ones, she put one of the trees in her garden where she wanted to commit suicide

“I smile when I look at it. It doesn’t make me sad. He has no negative memories for me. I’m very grateful to have been able to overcome this time of my life. It gently reminds me that anything is possible and puts it into perspective.” things for me Even on game day, when there is a lot of nerves, I just look at the tree and it reminds me that I have overcome worse things, ”he admitted

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Leigh Nicol

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