The bronze medal was withdrawn from a Russian ski team after a skier lost the act while crossing the finish line at the World Cup

A Russian ski team was stripped of its bronze medal after a skier lost the act while crossing the finish line at the World Championships

A Russian ski team was deprived of its bronze medal at the cross-country world championship after a nasty confrontation with an opposing team

Russian Alexander Bolshunov shot against heated rival Finn Joni Maki after crossing the finish line and sent them both to the group in a chaotic pile

Bolshunov was previously unable to get past Maki in the final stages of the 4×7 when they were fighting for the silver medal behind Norway, reports The Sun.

The Russian skier closed the gap to Maki, but couldn’t get past when the Finn blocked him with his body

An angry Bolshunov threw one of his ski poles at Maki in the last seconds of the race after giving up hope of sneaking past in the final 50 meters

As the duo neared the finish line, Bolshunov also tried to hit Maki’s skis, but was unsuccessful

Once they crossed the line, Bolshunov deliberately hit his rival at speed, with several teammates standing nearby

A report on the FIS website confirmed that the first Russian team had been disqualified as a result of the clash

It read: “Due to a difficult situation in the selection of the lines to the target, which triggered unsportsmanlike behavior by Bolshunov against Maki, Bolshunov was disqualified and with it the entire team Russia 1”

Russian media described Bolshunov as “crazy”

after his behavior at the end of the race

Japan has rejected a report claiming the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics is inevitable as the heavyweights of the US, Canada and Australia said they are still preparing for the Games

Despite Russia’s disappointment, the country still picked up the bronze medal when the second team was promoted to third place after originally finishing fourth

Norway won, but maybe the story of the day was the Finnish team that made it to the podium in the men’s relay for the first time on home soil

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