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Peter Nygard will be spending at least a few more days behind bars after his attorneys told a Winnipeg court on Wednesday that they needed more time to adjust their filing in an ongoing bail hearing after he was charged with sexual behavior last month Trafficking in the US was arrested and extortion

The request from Nygard’s attorneys came after Judge Shawn Greenberg, who chairs the two-day bail hearing, had serious concerns about witness Greg Fenske, who offered to bail Nygard

Fenske was grilled on Tuesday about who controls the company’s assets and who paid for the property he offered to keep Nygard on

Nygard attorneys need more time to adjust their filing No decisions today Another bail hearing scheduled for next Thursday Tonight, Nygard will remain in jail

Justice Greenberg said Wednesday it appears Fenske has nothing to lose that defeats the purpose of a bail

Meanwhile, Nygard’s defense put the 79-year-old on multiple health complications again, meaning death is far from certain if contracted with COVID-19 behind bars

Defense attorney Jay Prober called his bail plan “perfectly solid” and said due to Nygard’s condition, health care workers were on the property 24/7
Federal prosecutors say the gravity of the allegations Peter Nygard faces in the US outweighs the risk the Canadian fashion mogul faces behind bars

Nygard was arrested under the extradition law in Winnipeg last month and faces nine charges, including sex trafficking and extortion, in the southern borough of New York

He’s seeking bail while it is decided whether to send him to the US to be brought to justice

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Peter Nygard back in court and seeks bail against US. Sex trafficking charges, extortion

Scott Farlinger, attorney for the Canadian attorney general, claims Nygard used force and force for decades to get sex for himself and others

He said Nygard has not appeared in court in the past and US. Authorities have alleged that he previously disrupted the administration of justice by bribing witnesses

Farlinger says Nygard “systematically committed these crimes and recruited his staff” to help

The pandemic is “not an exit from prison,” Farlinger said, claiming Nygard and his company “almost created an industry” based on predatory behavior

Witnesses Fenske and Steve Mager, another Nygard employee who had pledged to provide security for Nygard’s escape should he be released on bail, were heard on Tuesday

The first to be interviewed was Fenske, a former Nygard manager who lost his job when the company was welcomed in March 2020. Fenske told the court that he was not working directly for Nygard now, but was paying himself about his consulting company

Court heard a home being bought to give Nygard space and privacy, the money was sent to Fenske’s numbered company as part of a $ 1 million consultancy fee suggested by Nygard’s Farlinger through a company called Edson’s / p>

Prober said on Wednesday that a proposed bail plan will ensure Nygard has a place to stay and that clearance requirements are met

Travel bans around the world due to the novel coronavirus mean Nygard has nowhere to go even if he could, Prober said

He says the bonds are “incredible, appropriate and capable, Mr. Nygard’s Movements ”through motion sensors, cameras and visits

Richard Wolson, Nygard’s co-attorney, said, “Nygard is fighting for his life. His health is in a downward spiral”

Despite all of Headingley Prison’s best efforts, they cannot stop COVID-19 and are currently dealing with an outbreak, Wolson said

For the most part, Nygard, who appeared on video link, had been taking notes throughout the hearing but had looked at the floor and shook his head while crown attorneys described what he was accused of in sometimes graphical detail.

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