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A Canadian fashion mogul accused of sex trafficking on his property in the Bahamas will find out on Friday whether he will give bail to the U before his extradition hearing

Peter Nygard has been in jail since his arrest on December 14, 2020, awaiting an extradition hearing to New York slated for next month, Nygard has been pleading bail since January

The United States District Court Department of Justice for the Southern Borough of New York claims Nygard used company funds, staff and resources to “recruit, entice, transport, house adult and underage female victims for Nygard’s sexual gratification and to entertain and occasionally satisfy Nygard’s personal friends and business associates ”

He has faced eight sex trafficking and one extortion cases. He has denied all charges against him and none have been proven in court

Nygard’s lawyers have argued that the 79-year-old is facing numerous health problems and that he would likely die if contracted the novel coronavirus

Justice Shawn Greenberg, who leads the three-day hearing, said last week that she needed more time to make her decision

The lengthy hearing came after Greenberg said she had serious concerns about witness Greg Fenske, who offered to pledge Nygard

Fenske was harassed two weeks ago about who controls the company’s assets and who paid for the property he offered to keep Nygard on

Greenberg said it appears that Fenske has nothing to lose that defeats the purpose of a bail

On Jan 28, Nygard’s attorneys presented a new witness in William Dietterle, the President of BIL Security

Dietterle said his company would monitor and secure Nygard around the clock to prevent him from leaving

Nygard co-counsel Richard Wolson said in the revised bond plan that they would delegate part of the responsibility as security from Fenske to BIL

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Peter Nygard’s attorneys ask the judge for more time, no decision in the trial on Wednesday

The $ 1 million house that Nygard bought was transferred to Fenske, Wolson said, so that Fenske now has “skin in the game”

However, Crown Attorney Scott Farlinger said the new plan was still not good enough The video surveillance does not prevent anyone from leaving the premises

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World news – FI – Peter Nygard finds out whether he will leave bail on Friday

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