hosting company OVH says its employees are safe after a fire destroyed one data center and damaged another on the company’s campus in Strasbourg, France.All four data centers on campus are up this morning offline but the company is working on restoring some services as soon as power is restored to the site

“We have a serious incident with SBG2,” tweeted Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH, on Tuesday evening. “Firefighters were on the scene immediately, but could not control the fire in SBG2. The entire site was isolated, affecting all services in SGB1-4 affects We recommend activating your disaster recovery plan ”

Klaba later reported that “everyone is safe” and that the fire destroyed the SBG2 structure and part of the adjacent SBG1 building

Non, les données contenues dans les serveurs de SBG2 ne seront vraisemblablement pas récupérablesMais si vous useise le le backup FTP #OVH, vos sauvegardes sont dans un autre data center (Les photos sont des pompiers) https: // tco / tRonks8qIw image Twitter / EL5BcMjbc7

Here are Twitter photos of the local fire department in Strasbourg with aerial photos of the fire and its aftermath

🔥 Incendie sur le site d’OVH Cloud à #Strasbourg: une centaine de # Pompiers67 🚒 a été mobilisée cette nuit dont le bateau-pompe franco-allemand Europa1 The actions are only for the duration of the participation of the Bâtiments de l ‘ company planned cash on delivery active Pas de Blessé BildTwittercom / RKjI6F9DB7

Fires that consume an entire data center building in this way are rare because the industry’s standard data center fire fighting technology is to detect smoke and then use extinguishing agents (either water or chemicals) to extinguish the fire and contain the damage in a small area

The SBG2 facility is part of a campus that combines traditional data center buildings with a nontraditional design that includes container data modules that were stacked to create server rooms.In Strasbourg, OVH used the containers to create a distinctive cube-shaped building That it had previously used on its original Roubaix campus, SBG2 was one of the traditional data center buildings that didn’t use containers

CEO Klaba was on site in Strasbourg on Wednesday morning to update customers on Twitter on Twitter. He reported that 4 of the 8 server rooms in SBG1 were damaged by the fire, but the network room was spared. He said all servers were in SBG3 intact, but offline because the campus has no electricity. SBG4 was not affected by the fire, but also offline

Update 1pmPlan for the next 1-2 weeks: 1) restore 20kV for SBG32) restore 240V in SBG1 / SBG43) check DWDM / routers / switches in network room A (SBG1) check fibers Paris / Frankfurt4) Reconstruction of network area B (in SBG5) check fibers Paris / Frankfurt

In a later update, Klaba hopes that OVH will continue operations in the data centers SBG1 and SBG4 by 15 March will resume The SBG3 facility is due to open on Sept. Going back online March 10th OVH is building its own servers and says it has inventory at its Roubaix facilities and plans to do so in the next 3-4 weeks 10000 servers to replace equipment lost in the fire

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