Operation Broken Fang brings new maps, new agents and new weapon skins, making it the largest CS: GO operation since Hydra 2017

Broken Fang, the latest CS: GO operation, was unexpectedly released by Valve last night after just teasing a few tweets.This update comes a year after the previous Operation Shattered Web and brings even more new content with seven new ones Maps, new agents, and a host of new weapon skins, Broken Fang is the largest CS: GO operation since Operation Hydra 2017

New Ancient Map is Operation Broken Fang’s most exciting feature It has been added to Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes along with two other new maps. Ancient sits in a jungle-covered ruin that will take you back in time as you battle for control of two bomb sites

In addition to Ancient, Engage and Apollo have also been added to Scrimmage, Deathmatch, and Casual modes.The Frostbite snowy map can now be played in the Danger Zone Battle Royale, while Guard and Elysion have been added to the Wingman game mode, while the Fall Harvest serves as a co-op map the operation

In Cache, an existing map that was removed from the competitive map pool for revision in 2019, some “excessive details” have been removed Mutiny and Swamp have also been removed from map rotation

In addition to new maps, Operation Broken Fang has tons of new agents to play as. Three new agents are entering the game, including SWAT Commander Mae “Dead Cold” Jamison, SWAT Lieutenant Farlow, and Getaway Sally, a member of The Professionals The three join FBI special agent Ava, who was added to the game in Operation Shattered Web

Four new skin collections have also been discontinued, including the Fall Broken Fang, Havoc Collection, Control Collection, and Ancient Collection Broken Fang stickers have also been removed, along with new skill group patches that represent player rank also added new graffiti options, some of which depict the recoil patterns of certain weapons

Premier Matchmaking has also been added, exclusive to Operations Pass holders. A retakes game mode has been added, as well as a new and improved ping system and a customizable chat wheel

The Operation Broken Fang Pass costs $ 15 and gives you access to all of the new features and playable missions in the game April 2021

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CSGO new operation, Operation Broken Fang

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