26th November 2020

The OnePlus Nord offers first-class camera functions and a flagship-like camera experience For the most part, according to DxOMark, the phone works very well and the total reviewer score is 108 points, which is only 1 point less than what DxOMark gave the Huawei P20 Pro a few years ago, so it’s a long way to go to say how far smartphone photography goes has gone

As far as photo and video performance goes, the OnePlus Nord appears to have great daytime performance, offering good sharpness and detail, fast and reliable auto focus, and accurate exposure

At night, however, the phone does not seem to be able to sniff with increasing noise. Same goes for video recording White balance is a bit different even at night The lack of adequate stabilization during video recording also cost the Nord a few points

If you want to read the full review with all of the tidbits go to the source link below

It has a better score than the iPhone and 3 points less than the Pixel 4a This is a good score for a midrange phone

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OnePlus Nord

World news – FI – OnePlus Nord passes the DxOMark tests and receives an average score