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The fourth matchday of the Champions League ends on Wednesday with another eight-game schedule.Four teams qualified for the knockout round on Tuesday, and Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester City have the opportunity to join them on Wednesday here is a look at the main storylines of the day

So who will emerge victorious in the eight-game table on Wednesday? CBS Sports’ soccer experts have made their selections below You can follow all the action in CBS All AccessIf your thing is to keep an eye on every game at the same time, tune in to “The Golazo Show” on match days in the group stage, CBS Sports’ live whip show “The Golazo Show” will keep avid soccer fans updated by showing every goal every match day on the CBS Sports Network and CBS All Access with coverage from 2:30 pm ET on match days

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Rongen’s attitude: The foals want to keep the top position in the overall standings, and they will point all their weapons at the miners Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

Romano’s attitude: Borussia Mönchengladbach dominated the first leg and they will follow the same strategy Thuram burns and Shakhtar has big problems in defense but can score at least one goal with the quality of Marlos and his team-mates Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 3, Shakhtar Donetsk 1

Echegaray’s attitude: Gladbach returns to the Champions League with a greater killer instinct and consolidates a home win.Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

West’s attitude: This time it won’t be six, but the foals will make it comfortable.Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

Johnson’s attitude: I assume that Mönchengladbach will pick up where they left off against Shakhtar, but not be allowed to cause unrest like in Kiev Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

Benges attitude: There is no way Shakhtar can be as bad as they were last time against Gladbach, but you can see the Germans are again finding a level not far from those who expect them to be behind Inter Milan and Real Madrid fall back, could be wrong selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 1

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Borussia Mönchengladbach continues to take the tournament by storm with a strong victory as Alassane Plea scores one goal and sets up anotherBorussia Mönchengladbach 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

Herrera’s attitude: After two disappointing draws in which they conceded late game goals, Gladbach may have won a tournament when they beat Shakhtar 6-0. They will try again, but maybe with a smaller score.Selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 3 , Shakhtar Donetsk 1

Goodman’s attitude: Gladbach’s Bundesliga form hasn’t been nearly as impressive this season as last, but that hasn’t been reflected in the Champions League results yet.Everyone will remember the blow they struck on Matchday 3 Shakhtar have exercised, but these two teams care much closer than that all in all selection: Borussia Mönchengladbach 1, Shakhtar Donetsk 1

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Rongen’s attitude: Pep Guardiola’s men are dying to bounce back from their Premier League loss to Tottenham and keep in mind that Kun Aguero should return to the starting XI against Olympiakos Selection: Olympiacos 0, Manchester City 3

Romano’s Attitude: Manchester City Will Be Angry After Losing Tottenham In The Premier League With Olympiacos It’s The Right Opportunity To Rediscover Their Way De Bruyne is fine and the goals will return The classic domination game for Guardiola’s men Pick: Olympiacos 0 , Manchester City 2

Echegaray’s attitude: City will try to get back on the track after losing to Spurs and win convincingly.Selection: Olympiacos 1, Manchester City 3

West’s attitude: Manchester City has to jump back and that is unfortunate for OlympiacosSelection: Olympiacos 0, Manchester City 5

Johnson’s attitude: The city is thwarting and Olympiacos has only collected points against the unfortunate Marseille, so I can only see one winner hereSelection: Olympiacos 1, Manchester City 3

Benges attitude: It’s Manchester City It’s the Champions League group stage. They know they are getting through this in a painstakingly calm manner. Selection: Olympiacos 0, Manchester City 2

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Ferran Torres keeps his top shape and city cruise in GreeceOlyimpiacos 0, Manchester City 3

Herrera’s attitude: Far too much talent and technical ability on Man City’s side to not collect all of the points. Big annoyance if they don’t.Selection: Olympiacos 0, Manchester City 3

Goodman’s Attitude: City’s attack doesn’t shoot almost as many cylinders these days, but it should still be more than enough to survive a weaker Olympiacos squad Selection: Olympiacos 0, Manchester City 2

Rongen’s attitude: Salzburg had all sorts of problems two weeks ago when they lost 6-2 to Bayern Munich This is another reason why a home win should be considered Serge Gnabry should be recalled as a substitute after his 1-1 draw against Werder in Bayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 0

Romano’s attitude: Salzburg has quality and the Hungarian Dominik Szoboszlai is a talent to follow, but Bayern Munich have a different structure and a different belief in the approach to games and they want a place in the with a convincing home win Secure the next step in the Champions LeagueBayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 0

Echegaray’s attitude: Bayern shake off the draw against Werder Bremen when Lewandowski starts Selection: Bayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 1

West’s attitude: Bayern Munich refuses to slow down, but Jesse Marschs Salzburg is very well organized and never stops working.Selection: Bayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 1

Johnson’s attitude: Bayern are as good as through and will be frustrated after the draw against Werder Bremen at the weekend – poor Salzburg – selection: Bayern Munich 4, Red Bull Salzburg 2

Benges attitude: For 80 minutes Salzburg played well enough in Austria to subject the European champions to a tough test Why can’t you drive another 10 this time? It won’t be enough, but I expect them to bring the Bayern selections close: Bayern Munich 2, Red Bull Salzburg 1

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Bayern Munich punished RB Salzburg again and got a place in the round of 16Bayern 4, Red Bull Salzburg 1

Herrera’s attitude: It should be a very entertaining game that day, as Salzburg conceded three goals in 13 minutes in the last game. Bayern will continue to win if Joshua Kimmich provides the templates.Selection: Bayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 1

Goodman’s attitude: Salzburg are a better team than they rightly have She discovers young talent and constantly beats her weight. Unfortunately, Bayern are the best in the world. Choose Bayern Munich 3, Red Bull Salzburg 1

Rongen’s attitude: Diego Simeone’s troops beat Barcelona well in the La Liga derby at the weekend, which means they are very confident ahead of Lokomotiv Moscow’s visit and next to no chance against the top 2 finish have a Moscow team with only two points from the first three games selection: Atletico Madrid 2, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Romano’s attitude: Atletico doesn’t do much, but a single shot could be enough to hit Locomotives who have trouble attacking Joao Felix is ​​the key man and Diego Simeone is counting on him The defense has found certainties Selection: Atletico Madrid 1, Locomotive Moscow 0

Echegaray’s stand: This could be a tough game for Atleti after the Barcelona win took it away, but they are doing enough to secure three points.Selection: Atletico Madrid 1, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

West’s attitude: Atleti caught fire and I don’t see it stop this weekSelection: Atletico Madrid 2, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Johnson’s attitude: Atleti continues its important win against Barca with another hard-fought three points against a Lokomtiv team doing their best for European nights Selection: Atletico Madrid 1, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Benges attitude: Diego Simeone won’t be impressed at all that Atletico have scored five more goals in the Champions League than they have in eight La Liga games This could be the match if his team squats down and scores a convincing win Selection: Atletico Madrid 2, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Another goal conceded for Atleti when Diego Costa is brought to life by the bench Atletico Madrid 3, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Herrera’s attitude: The Spanish team shouldn’t take competition for granted, but their squad should get away with a win against Lokomotiv here.Selection: Atletico Madrid 2, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Goodman’s Attitude: Atletico Madrid’s attack has been better than the typical Diego Simeone club this season thanks to young Joao Felix and should be more than enough to get past LokomotivSelection: Atletico Madrid 2, Lokomotiv Moscow 0

Rongen’s attitude: Real Madrid’s form is anything but good before the trip to MilanSelection: Inter Milan 2, Real Madrid 1

Romano’s attitude: Inter can no longer make mistakes in the Champions League Real have lost many important men, including Sergio Ramos They can concede a goal while Inter have already scored two goals in Madrid A draw is possible Selection: Inter Milan 1, Real Madrid 1

Echegaray’s attitude: Inter will be ready for this attitude and take full advantage of a depleted Real Madrid who does not have Karim Benzema in full strength.Selection: Inter Milan 2, Real Madrid 1

West attitude: Antonio Contes team fought hard over the weekend while Madrid looked suspicious I call a close win for the home teamSelection: Inter Milan 1, Real Madrid 0

Johnson’s attitude: a huge game for Inter and one that I think Real will manage to avoid losing to keep the pressure on the Italians Selection: Inter Milan 1, Real Madrid 1

Benges Attitude: It seems foolish to bet against Real Madrid in this competition but they are without Sergio Ramos and are about to face an Inter team with numerous strikers in rich form This feels like the year that it goes really wrong for Madrid Selection: Inter Milan 2, Real Madrid 1

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Lautaro Martinez scores late as Inter Milan jump Real Madrid in the group with two games to go.Inter Milan 3, Real Madrid 2

Herrera’s Attitude: Both teams are desperately looking for points in a group that is wide open.If Romelu Lukaku is healthy, things could get interesting but I see Real approaching three crucial points: Inter Milan 2, Real Madrid 3

Goodman’s Opinion: Real Madrid may be the hardest team in the world to pin down.They seemed absolutely broken lately under coach Zinedine Zidane, but Zidane has a history of from broken-looking Real Madrid teams to Champions League Title selection: Inter Milan 0, Real Madrid 2

Rongen’s attitude: Porto boss Sergio Conceicao rested several first-team regulars in the game Taca de Portugal against Fabril do Barreiro, but he will field the best possible team against OMSelection: Marseille 1, Porto 2

Romano’s attitude: Porto are much better than Marseille but the French team with zero points must react with an important chance at home The game will be open and two teams are looking for victory A draw is the likely outcome Selection: Marseille 1, Porto 1

Echegaray’s attitude: Andre Villas-Boas needs a victory and he needs it now and finally, Marseille will finish Selection: Marseille 2, Porto 1

West’s attitude: Porto amazed Marseille last time, but this time I think the tables will turn A close win for the home team Selection: Marseille 1, Porto 0

Johnson’s attitude: Marseille to finally wake up this group stage and make things interesting in the race for second and third place in Group C Selection: Marseille 2, Porto 1

Benges attitude: Andre Villas-Boas’ team apparently can’t wait to be eliminated from this competition, while Porto have a full outfit that can take comfortable wins against opponents at this level Selection: Marseille 0, Porto 2

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Marseille again fails to deliver, Andre Villas-Boas loses his job and the club is eliminated from the competitionMarseille 1, Porto 2

Herrera’s Attitude: Every team is hungry for points, but Porto will likely make it difficult for Marseille when they compete against each other, especially if Sergio Oliveira scores again Selection: Marseille 1, Porto 1

Goodman’s attitude: Marseille are stumbling through a mostly indifferent season but all it takes is a home win over Porto to open the race for second place in this group Selection: Marseille 1, Porto 0

Rongen’s attitude: are you ready for some goals? Search for Diogo Jota to strike againSelection: Liverpool 3, Atalanta 2

Romano’s attitude: Atalanta has had major defensive problems in recent months The team is physically not in a good moment, so Liverpool can repeat themselves after the big win in Bergamo at Anfield The victory over Leicester also gave Jurgen’s men Klopp, who can score four goals again, further confidenceSelection: Liverpool 4, Atalanta 2

Echegaray’s attitude: Atalanta was terrible in the first game but they will come back to take a point against the Reds Pick: Liverpool 2, Atalanta 2

West’s attitude: Two straight draws for Atalanta with just one goal scored are worrying Despite Liverpool’s injury problems, I think they scratch this pick: Liverpool 2, Atalanta 1

Johnson’s attitude: Liverpool’s depleted firepower is the same as Atalanta, but defensive weaknesses prevent them from scooping all three options: Liverpool 2, Atalanta 2
Benges Attitude: No matter how many players are short, this Liverpool team just keeps rolling Against Leicester City, they have been exceptional at curbing an explosive attack unit and there is no reason to doubt they will do it again Selection: Liverpool 2, Atalanta 0

Gonzalez ‘attitude: Liverpool struggle a little defensively with Papu Gomez who put Atalanta in the lead but in the end the Reds are too much when Diogo Jota scores Liverpool 2, Atalanta 1

Herrera’s Attitude: The Premier League side will continue their dominance despite the lack of some key piecesSelection: Liverpool 2, Atalanta 1

Goodman’s stance: Liverpool hobble through the busy part of the schedule and injuries are piling up at a historic pace Yet Jurgen Klopp’s men don’t seem to care Picks: Liverpool 3, Atalanta 1

Rongen’s stance: Given their shaky defense, we don’t think Danish champions can spoil Ajax’s party in Amsterdam As always, Serbian international Dusan Tadic, who found the net in the 2-1 win over Midtjylland, will become a man to watch out for in the home teamSelection: Ajax 3, Midtjylland 1

Romano’s attitude: Offensive quality is the real factor at Ajax, which rarely misses games like this at home The Danes fight in defense and can pay dearly for this factor, as was the case in previous Champions League games. Ajax 2, Midtjylland 0

Echegaray’s attitude: Last time, Ajax won with a squad full of COVID problems Now, almost healthy again, they are completely taking care of the business Selection: Ajax 4, Midtjylland 1

Johnson’s attitude: A straight win for Ajax that will help them get a better grip on second place in Group D Selection: Ajax 2, Midtjylland 0

Benges Attitude: The score doesn’t yet reflect Midtjylland’s impressive performance in this competition, but it’s hard to see this change in a game where Ajax will try to open a game for Atalanta Pick: Ajax 3 , Midtjylland 1

Gonzalez ‘opinion: The Dutch club are taking the much-needed win to split in second place Dusan Tadic scored a double in Ajax 4, Midtjylland 0

Herrera’s attitude: Probably a tight line between the two teams as Ajax will be waiting for Dusan Tadic to get another big performance Selection: Ajax 2, Midtjylland 1

Goodman’s Attitude: Midtjylland is a great story and it is proof of how well they are doing that they have become a competitive Champions League team but Ajax has too much for them Choose Ajax 3, Midjylland 0

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