Nvidia is preparing to launch its upcoming RTX 30 series cards on AMD’s vast range of satnavs, and the recent leak has confirmed some details regarding the green team’s upcoming RTX cards, the flagship RTX 3080 Ti was released in the HP Driver Detected This confirms that the name of the 20GB Nvidia GA102-based graphics card is actually RTX 3080 Ti

According to sources, the names in the HP driver list are actually correct. The 2205 ID shown in the image below actually belongs to the RTX 3080 Ti

The exact CUDA core count of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti is not yet confirmed, but it will most likely have twice as much memory as RTX 3080, according to sources, the card will land in January 2021.The RTX 3080 Ti is based on the GA102 and has specifications between an RTX 3080 and a 3090

The exact chip terminology is GA102-250-A1 and has a 384-bit bus with GDDR6X memory, which means NVIDIA uses a 12GB or a 24GB buffer, so we’ve heard the rumors that Nvidia will work with TSMC for chipsets As of now, the green team is sticking to Samsung’s 8 nm process for its RTX 3000 series

AMD has already launched its large Navi GPU series Now it’s time to see how NVIDIA plays its cards AMD is aiming for budget-friendly GPUs that deliver optimal performance. While Nvidia may offer its cards at a low cost, the company will soon have to reveal its cards to stay in the game

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