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The first six frames of this game were tense and full of errors in the last two, Trump made a 128 and O’Sullivan hit a 130 in response that was the standard we’d hoped for before the game So let’s hope players can stay in or around this zone now

People say this game is played in mini-sessions As I said, people are usually gamers and ex-gamers, it’s a maxim worth mentioning that we have four frames before the break tonight and if Ronnie can win 3-1, we have a best of five for the title

Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be back at the table shortly.It’s the first through nine for the Alex Higgins Trophy, where champion Trump’s defense is getting closer after the afternoon’s 5-3 win Do it make yourself comfortable and enjoy the resolution of a fascinating game

We’re back for Trump’s second and final appearance against O’Sullivan at the Northern Ireland Open (in, ahem, Milton Keynes)

Watch the conclusion of today’s finals live on Eurosport 1, eurosportcoUnited Kingdom or the Eurosport app from 1845pm GMT Otherwise, come back here later for more live text commentary

It’s been an exciting afternoon of snooker, and that slow burner of a final has really taken off over the past two frames.Trump will be pleased with his lead and will be the easy favorite for the title, while O’Sullivan 5-3 The second best result achieved in this session with two centuries behind. With two centuries in the last two pictures, the evening event is perfectly prepared. Join us again at 645 for the final of the Northern Ireland Open

A brilliant 130 from O’Sullivan – it would be 137, but he’s going to start potting the black one – reduces Trump’s lead to two frames and ends that session

The rooster is running now as Ronnie secures the frame and then his sixth century of the tournament

O’Sullivan is doing half a century, his first of the day, but he almost runs out of position when he walks in and out of the blue and catches the brown on the way.He pulls out a tight red in the lower right, to maintain its break, and should seal it from here

O’Sullivan tries a double on a red in the center left at the start of the eighth frame, safe in the knowledge that it was the only ball he could get off, but he rolls off his ankles and lands safely following it a few minutes of caged security, with both players fully aware of the size of this frame, it’s O’Sullivan who gets the first chance when he jams a red in the center right and comes back on the table for the blue it’s a good one Table, with the black in both lower corners, and he goes to the backpack early to make a split that works perfectly and could win the frame if he can find his touch here. Aggressive and positive play of the world champion

Judd clears everything up for an excellent 128. He’s restoring his lead to three frames, and the last of the session is now huge for Ronnie

A blue with the 14th Red brings Trump to 100, and this is the kind of game we were expecting for this final

The tenth red brings Trump to 69 and O’Sullivan needs snooker. Can he convert that to a ton?

It’s Judd, who gets away first on the seventh and puts a red in the lower right pocket.There are few better sounds in snooker than this kind of ball-to-pocket connection. He’s up to 30 years old and in no time then seeks out a plant just below the pink to keep things going.A few shots later, he looks into the pack for more red, and this is a chance to bank the frame even if O’Sullivan continues plays even though he needs five or more snookers

O’Sullivan adds 31, which puts him well behind the winning post, and he reduces his deficit to two frames that was a big frame for him; 4-4 would be perfect, of course, but he would probably lose 5-3 considering how he’s played so far today

Trump gets in and only makes eight and then goes in for his safety after losing his position, the table is really awkward now after O’Sullivan missed a few missed pots and a slugfest going to his World Cup semi-finals however, with Mark Selby, O’Sullivan recalls by floating in a well-timed red lower left that positions the white on the black

O’Sullivan shoots in the sixth frame and quickly collects 33 before a deep shot on a red goes horribly wrong and he hits the white right over the object ball that’s four for Trump Ronnie gets the next few shades of red down, but he can’t land on a color; Judd can only add five of his own as an answer, and that suddenly got a bit scratchy

What a great shot of Trump sinking the brown and moving the blue from the side pillow to a pot position in the center left that will soon go away, as will the pink, and he expands his lead to three frames

Trump makes 23 but misses the third of the last red in the lower left and picks it up for Ronnie in the upper right.There is a chance to win the frame but O’Sullivan can’t pot the red and lets it right in for Judd center left That could be a critical mistake Trump erases the remaining reds to get the same in the frame and then the black to continue He needs up to and including blue to win the frame

This is a great feat from O’Sullivan, who made 43 out of a devilishly difficult table but after freeing the black he missed a green in his own pocket and gave Trump a chance to counter

We’re back in Milton Keynes, and this fifth frame is huge for O’Sullivan.After Trump fouled and potted the first few reds, he seems to be in control of the table until O’Sullivan in a long one Stroking red and landing on the pink in the center left. This is the frame’s first chance to score and an awkward one with the blues and blacks currently out of order

Trump fouls again before sending the last red, followed by pink and yellow before missing the green; anyway we keep going O’Sullivan pots the green, Trump the brown, before O’Sullivan returns to pot the blue and pink that’s the end of the frame Trump won’t mind holding out for the break as he’s the one with the Leadership is The players now have a 15-minute break, just like me

Trump’s blue leaves Ronnie in need of snooker.He misses a black off the pitch and O’Sullivan will continue playing this week but there are only 59 left. He replies with 13, throwing a red, but he needs a color with that take and instead opts to stick Trump behind the pink foul, but he’s miles behind; These are weird tactics from O’Sullivan this week, but everything is within the law

Rhythmic Game of Trump Now Flowing Half a century is in the bank and there are enough reds out there to sort that frame in one fell swoop

Trump gets the first chance in the fourth frame, slides down to the right in a red and then picks up a blue to the right in the middle, even though the white is tight against the side pillow.He begins to put his break together, and out of the blue which brings him to 26, he forces the pack of reds into a nice separation. The pink is safe through this, but black and blue are available

Oh my word! O’Sullivan scolds another, misses the green in the lower left by a mile, watches it fall off four pillows and then falls to the center left. He adds the brown and then a difficult cut to a blue, and he is in this finale on the board

After a foul trying to escape a snooker, O’Sullivan tosses the last red in the green pocket after flipping the white around the blue to catch it! That’s a touch, but he can’t capitalize as he loses position on the green and has to play it safe

Trump clips in a nice red on 32 to keep his break up then he comes back from the green to the table but can’t convert the remaining red on the rail that goes safely down on the right after spitting out this is now a tremendous scope to win, even at this stage of a personal best of 17

O’Sullivan puts in another long red and then climbs back in with a red in the middle right. However, he can only add 13 because he misses a red with the rest of the bottom left Back table It’s not an easy table for Trump, with two shades of red near the bottom cushion, but he has a chance to steal this one

That pause is right before O’Sullivan, but it’s exciting to see him cobble them together, he goes in almost the center right and later nails an enormously long blue in the green pocket to keep things going At 32, however, it falls apart as he misses a false red in the lower left In better news for him, he left Trump with nothing to do

This is more like O’Sullivan rolling a long red near the dead weight of the baulk line down to the right. Can he get started here? It’s early, but this already feels like a big visit as part of this game

Trump pots the penultimate red but misses the black O’Sullivan continues to play as he has been all week even though it takes six snookers to win, and he’s more interested in getting his arm here, and adds 10 before going in and out. Judd pockets the green and measures the brown, but goes on O’Sullivan sheds the brown and later pink, blue, and black, but it’s Trump’s frame and he’s two frames ahead

It’s already tense Trump pulls a foul from O’Sullivan and then throws a red, but misses another black from his place. However, on his next visit he marks a long red and that was Frame Ball O’Sullivan returns 43 back to the table

It’s been half a century for Trump settling the faster of the two players here, with the pink and black tied here, and the remaining reds being awkward, so there’s still a lot of work to be done to frame this when visiting wipe Trump then leaves a black in the pines in the lower left, a really bad mistake, and it’s a chance for O’Sullivan while he can only add eight and leave a red over the pines, Trump will stain the black when he tries turning the white to pot it O’Sullivan has no way to plain red and no other pot on and reinstates Trump This is really surprising as Trump has already tried it’s a risk and it fails Trump pots the red and then plays it safe

Judd leaves Ronnie a hard red along the railing behind the black that he can only hang in the pines in the lower right corner That could be expensive and Trump quickly earns points A black gets him to 30, whereupon he stuns in the pack, to unleash more red wines

A bad security from O’sullivan leaves Trump a stab in a long blue in the yellow bag It’s there and the pink follows to secure the first frame

O’Sullivan adds 32 but can’t comfortably land on the blue that is near the pillow above the center left. He’s playing it safe and it’s now blue and pink that both players win this opening frame need

Well; Trump adds 16 but is handicapped and shows up over the pink on a straight red A kick to the boot means he rattles the red in the pines in the lower right and leaves it there; Can Ronnie still pinch this frame at 51?

A cross-double attempt by O’Sullivan fails and Trump stays red in the yellow pocket which he devours Trump can only add four before we’re back in the safety game Another good snooker from Trump draws another nine points and Ronnie leaves him behind after his third escape attempt

Trump replies with 24 before losing his position and having to play it safe.After an exchange of fire, Trump throws a red while playing against Baulk, before putting O’Sullivan behind the brown that pulls four out of an attempt to escape before O. ‘Sullivan cuts off a red one and sends the white safe to the side pillow

O’Sullivan is the first to fall in a middle red in the lower left after Trump left the white just before the bulk line.He is already flying and is fast up to 23 but misses a pink high on the ankle of the right Mitte That leaves Trump in and has the chance to counter

MC Phil Seymour introduces the players O’Sullivan gets out first before his intro music starts He looks sharp here Trump is coming soon and we’re ready to go; Let’s get into that

Ronnie fought in the first mini-session of his semi-final yesterday. He was 3: 1 behind, missed everything and was always annoyed with his cue tip When he came back after the break, he shot Ali Carter off the table with five breaks of 50 plus and won 6-3. As for Judd, he’s ticking well with he’s done at least the last four of every tournament this season, including the English Won the Open and hit a 147 at the beginning of the week

Today it’s best of 17 for the Alex Higgins Trophy Our afternoon session contains eight of these frames with an interval between four sessions

Much remains unsaid in life, so let’s get this out of here: this match will effectively determine who exactly is here and how the greatest player in the game, Judd is the runaway world number one, while Ronnie is the reigning champion of this is the first time they’ve met in a final since Trump won that title by defeating O’Sullivan in Belfast a year ago It adds a wonderful undercurrent to the already intriguing final

This is the third year in a row that these two have met in the finals of this competition Trump has won these two previous encounters If he can win today, he will be the first player since Stephen Hendry in 1996 to win the same ranked tournament three times in a row For O’Sullivan, it’s a chance to win one of the few tournaments he hasn’t had a chance and to complement his record of 37 victories in ranked events

Welcome to the live coverage of the Northern Ireland Open final from its temporary home at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.If you were planning on watching anything other than this final today, put it aside because we have a belt for you At 1 p.m. Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be on the table to determine the destination of the trophy

Ronnie O’Sullivan made it to the final of the Northern Ireland Open where he will face Judd Trump after battling five frames in a row on his way to a 6-3 win over Ali Carter

Carter took a 3-1 lead in the middle of the session, but the rocket was just too good as he was at his best after the break

And the rocket hits Trump in the final after world number 1 defeated David Grace 6-2 on Saturday night

The defending champion rattled off 57, 91, 101, 59 and 92 to arrange a third final meeting with O’Sullivan straight away

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