Espoo, Finland – Nokia announced today that it has been selected as a technology provider and employee by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) 5G Cybersecurity Project Nokia will work with NCCoE and other key vendors, including government and industry members, to ensure the transition from 4G to 5G networks is secure

Nokia was selected by NCCoE to participate in the project based on its global success in 5G networks – including hardware and software as well as cellular network security and 5G RAN expertise – to refine a reference design and based on use cases from standards to create solutions

The 5G Cybersecurity Project will identify a number of 5G use cases and demonstrate how the components of the 5G architecture can provide security capabilities to mitigate identified risks and meet industry compliance requirements. The scope of this project is to Leverage the standardized 5G security features defined in 3GPP standards to provide advanced cybersecurity features built into network devices and end-user devices

Kevin Stine, Head of Applied Cybersecurity at NIST, said, “5G will touch every aspect of our lives, and security needs to be built in up front, not as an additional element in 5G networks. We look forward to working with our project team like Nokia to work together to demonstrate the advanced standards-based security capabilities of 5G, as well as an architecture that takes advantage of basic security features available in cloud technologies ”

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Networking Services at Nokia, said, “Earlier generations of cellular technologies have led the industry, while 5G development needs to be evolving in collaboration with governments to ensure availability and access to secure trusted networks 5G Cybersecurity Project fills this role with a cross-section of government and industry employees on board At Nokia, we incorporate security into every solution we deliver and are committed to enabling the secure move to the cloud by working with government agencies and industry work together to improve cybersecurity for 5G use cases that leverage both open and commercial components ”

Nokia solutions provided for this project include industry leading software, 5G RAN and core solutions, and IP backhaul, and innovations from Nokia Bell Labs

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About NIST NCCoE The NCCoE, part of NIST, is a collaborative center where industry organizations, government agencies and academic institutions work together to solve the most pressing corporate cybersecurity issues.This public-private partnership enables the creation of practical cybersecurity solutions for specific industries and for broad, cross-industry technological challenges Through consortia within CRADAs, including technology partners – from Fortune 50 market leaders to smaller companies specializing in information technology and operational technology security – the NCCoE applies standards and best practices to implement modular to develop easily adaptable sample cybersecurity solutions using commercially available technology The NCCoE documents these sample solutions in the NIST Special Publication 1800 series, in which the functions of the NIST Cybersecu rity framework and lists the steps another entity would need to rebuild the sample solution The NCCoE was founded in 2012 by NIST in partnership with the state of Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland, for information see https: // wwwnccoenistGierung



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