Nokia is raising the bar on next generation IP networks with a commercial test to prepare Elisa networks for the future

Elisa is charging its Nokia 7950 XRS routers with terabit interfaces to keep IP network capacity up to date as new applications and access technologies push network capacity to new limits

Espoo, Finland – Nokia announced today that it has reached a major milestone in network capacity with longtime partner Elisa while preparing the operator’s network for the future, proving the world’s first through a live commercial test 1T (Terabit) clear channel interface provision that allows Elisa’s network to be efficiently scaled to support new applications and access technologies

The exponential demand for connectivity and bandwidth due to cloud computing, video streaming, AI, IoT and 5G combined with changing internet traffic patterns between consumers, home workers and businesses is leading to capacity limits in CSP (Communication Service Provider) networks As CSPs want to combine Gigabit-enabled landline and wireless access technologies, the IP networks that carry this broadband traffic must be scaled in lockstep

Most networks still operate a large number of 100GE ports, with 400GE on the horizon. Nokia’s test with Elisa proves terabit interfaces today

Elisa has upgraded some of its Nokia 7950 XRS (Extensible Routing System) nodes with 1T interfaces equipped with Nokia’s FP4 chipset, the industry’s first terabit-enabled routing silicon.The new terabit line card FP4 supports two 1T ports and demonstrated readiness by carrying live traffic on the Elisa network. In addition to a 10x capacity increase, terabit links simplify operational complexity and overhead by avoiding the need to transfer terabit flows on routes with high Distribute capacity across multiple interfaces at a lower rate in link aggregation groups

Kalle Lehtinen, CTO at Elisa, said: “Elisa continues its line of world firsts with this record breaking IP routing capability achieved with Nokia and allows us to skip an 800G evolution that is Only plan other service providers strategically This strengthens our position as a global 5G market leader and gigabit broadband service provider and allows us to stay one step ahead and maintain our commitment to our customers “

Ken Kutzler, Nokia’s vice president of IP routing hardware, said, “Nokia is honored to have a longstanding partnership with Elisa. The provision of FPT-based 1T ports in the 7950 XRS is testament to the innovation and Nokia’s drive to expand the technology framework and maximize investment for customers like Elisa ”

About Elisa Elisa is a pioneer in the fields of telecommunications and digital services. We serve approx 28 million customers of consumers, businesses and public administration organizations and over 63 million subscriptions in our extensive network.Collaboration with Vodafone and Tele2 enables, among other things, globally competitive services.Our core markets are Finland and Estonia, and we also provide digital services for international markets The stocks von Elisa are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki In 2019 our turnover was EUR 1 84 billion and we employed 4900 employees As a responsible Finnish market leader, our activities are geared towards continuous improvement. From 2020 we will be a climate-neutral company. More information at wwwelisacom, Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj)

About NokiaWe create the critical networks and technology to bring together the world’s information across businesses, cities, supply chains and societies

With our commitment to innovation and technology leadership, powered by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we deliver networks at the frontiers of science for mobile, infrastructure, cloud and activation technologies

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and security, and we help build the skills we need for a more productive, sustainable, and inclusive world

GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings stocks more than doubled on Wednesday, forcing hedge funds to pull out at heavy losses and sparking calls for a review of social media-driven stock market trading on short seller Citron, a target for some of the individual participants in the Reddit thread “WallStreetbets” who helped generate profits for several niche stocks over the past week, said in a video post that he had given up his bet on GameStop stocks falling after the video The game retailer’s value rose almost tenfold in 14 days amid commentators and lawyers calling for a review of the measures, Nasdaq chief Adena Friedman said stock exchanges and regulators need to be aware of the potential for pump and dump systems triggered by chatter on social media

Here’s a FAQ on what’s going on with the market and what “Wall Street Bets” are

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The ability of members of US. Stock Buying and Selling Congress has been controversial over the years One of the most prominent members made some purchases in December that could benefit from the new Biden administration What Happened: Over the weekend, it was revealed that Speaker of the House and California Rep Nancy Pelosi Acquired 25 Call Options From Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) The purchases may have been made by Pelosi or her husband Paul, who runs a venture capital firm.The options were launched at a starting price of $ 500 and expired on Jan. Purchased March 2022, Pelosi paid between $ 500, according to disclosure000 and 1000$ 000 for the options Pelosi also announced it had 20000 shares in AllianceBernstein Holdings (NYSE: AB), 100 calls from Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), and 100 calls from Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS) Tesla shares are up from $ 64034 at the time the calls were bought to over $ 890 today The call options were valued at $ 112 million as of Monday Related Link: How the 2020 Presidential Election Could Impact Electric Vehicles and Auto Stocks Why Importantly, the Pelosi purchases are questionable as it could be argued that the companies could benefit from new President Joe Biden’s agenda Biden’s push for electric vehicles, which could include lifting the sales cap, would once again give buyers tax credits and is beneficial to Tesla, the president has also suggested a possible cash-for-clunkers program that could encourage customers to trade in used vehicles to purchase an electric vehicle, and Pelosi may now have a conflict as it works on clean energy initiatives too Say Goodbye To Her Family Former US. Senator David Perdue, a Republican, has been criticized for making numerous stock trades during his six years in Congress. Perdue was the most prominent stock trader in Congress and made 2 during his tenure596 Trades Some of Perdue’s transactions occurred while he was on several sub-committees. The Justice Department investigated Perdue and found no wrongdoing. What’s next? It is legal for members of Congress and their spouses to own shares. Transactions must be disclosed under the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) law passed in 2012 US. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is a member of Congress who helped enact legislation banning the addition of individual stocks by Congressmen.Both Merkley and Pelosi are Democrats Pelosi’s transactions could result in more regulations on congressional stock purchases (Photo: Official US. Embassy Photo by Archibald Sackey and Courage Ahiati) More Info From Benzinga Click Here For Option Trades From Benzinga Charging Infrastructure SPAC Plays: Is EVGo The Best Of The Bunch? The Barstool Fund is about to hit M for small business and is about to take a huge boost out of Michigan © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

(Bloomberg) – The first sign of trouble for the hedge fund prodigy Gabe Plotkin came in late October: a poster on Reddit’s popular Wallstreetbets forum targeted his hugely successful investment firm “GME Squeeze and the Demise of Melvin Capital”, wrote the user Stonksflyingup and referred to the stock ticker from GameStop Corp. and Plotkins 12 USD5 billion company In brief, very forest green weighed: “Melvin Capital New Short AttackThen greekgod1990: Melvin vs WSB! And GME to the Moon, so the tables turned on Wall Street – and a hedge fund star was suddenly at the mercy of the day trading Reddit brethren who have now become one of the most powerful, if unlikely, forces on the stock market Attack on Plotkin’s six-year-old Melvin Capital changed the balance of power in ways that would have been inconceivable months ago by Wednesday the company had capitulated to the amateurs and covered the GameStop short for the explosive growth of day-to-day retail, that of platforms like Robinhood Trading -App and forums powered by Wallstreetbets turned the old order upside down Melvin Capital’s mistake, if you can call it that, was leaving its mark on the market, Reddit users were able to identify stocks that Melvin was betting against and then buy them en masse, which led to a sharp rise in prices, making Melvin’s winning bet a loser The losses were so high – about 30% until last week – that Melvin turned to billionaire hedge fund founders Ken Griffin and Steve Cohen – Plotkin’s former boss – on Monday to shore up the company’s losses by Tuesday Increased despite the repositioning of the portfolio, although investors would not say exactly how much they could fight back for fear of pissing off the money manager A company representative declined to comment on performance other than that of the portfolio has been repositioned in the past few days and “the social media posts about Melvin Capital’s bankruptcy are categorically wrong Melvin Capital is focused on delivering high quality, risk-adjusted returns for our investors and we are grateful for their support” That Long position risk is intuitive: buy $ 50 worth of stocks and if the price falls you lose Its amount losses on declining bets can be more severe and faster, however, a classic short of $ 50 can lose multiples of that amount if the stock rises, and while the use of options can limit losses, investors can be quickly wiped out if the stock rises in the shorts Listed on Melvin’s filing as of the third quarter, all have skyrocketed in recent weeks Names are Bed Bath & Beyond Inc, iRobot Corp. and GSX Techedu Inc GameStop, the stock that appeared to trigger the short squeeze, rose 634% for the month through Tuesday. That night, Elon Musk tweeted a link to the Reddit thread entitled “Gamestonk !!” And by mid-Wednesday in New York, the stock has more than doubled again – investors who have slipped into a brief crisis can place bets and eat up their losses or try to beat the price spike – usually they have to raise more money Melvin’s cash infusion was in hedge- Fund Land Almost Unknown Griffin, his partners, and the hedge funds he runs at Citadel have raised $ 2 billion, and Cohen’s Point72 Capital Management, which has already invested around $ 1 billion in Melvin, has another $ 750 million It could be argued that Cohen saved his own investment for Griffin, it was a rare opportunity to invest cheaply in a talented manager.Both companies received a minority stake in the company to get in. Late Tuesday, Cohen broke his usual habit, just over to tweet his New York Mets, “Hey, stick jockeys make it happen,” p he wrote on the social media platform. By this year, 42-year-old Plotkin had one of the best track records among hedge fund stock pickers. He had worked for Cohen for eight years and was one of its biggest money-makers before joining Melvin in December 2014 – named for his grandfather – founded Plotkin’s reputation was so good that the company was closed to additional investors before news spread that he was starting his own business despite a loss in 2018, it has posted an annualized return of 30 since opening %, which, according to an investor, is up more than 50% in the past year, then came January when Melvin first noticed a Reddit crowd had set a target on the company’s positions in an attack on GameStop and other shorts Uncovering Positions Why They Picked Melvin Remains a Mystery To hedge fund managers, Plotkin is considered reluctant E r doesn’t show up at a lot of conferences or hobnobs at social balls.Former coworkers and current investors say he’s a nice, quiet guy – not the guy who makes enemies, the most obvious explanation is that his positions were, in a sense, recognizable in hedge funds In general, great efforts are made to protect their short positions.For example, if they use put options, they buy them over the counter, which means they don’t have to list them in the registration applications. Plotkin’s filing in the third quarter showed put options for 17 Companies, many of which had shortened names “There’s no targeting – WSB is far less organized than any article suggests,” said Lucas Severyn, a member of wallstreetbets. “From time to time WSB is obsessed with some stocks, now it’s GME , and for the first time this stock just passed on, Melvin’s losses rose in January and after last week e exceeded 15%, the company held talks with investors and received approximately $ 1 billion in pledges for February 1 By the end of last week, losses had risen to about 30% on Monday morning, Plotkin reached a deal with Point72 and Citadel giving him more liquidity and putting Melvin back on the offensive that given his longstanding relationship with Plotkin and an initial investment of about $ 200 million in the company, which had grown to about $ 1 billion Founded with Citadel in 1990, Griffin has a long history behind when others are in need, hiring teams or acquiring assets from hedge funds like Sowood Capital Management, Visium Asset Management, and Amaranth Advisors after they may have imploded he also welcomed the opportunity to invest in Plotkin’s fund Melvin manages at Al ln raised money for nonprofits like foundations and endowments New Risk Investors have expressed their confidence that Plotkin will climb out of this hole Griffin said Monday that he and his partners have “great confidence in Gabe and his team Cohen called him an exceptional investor and leader” One person familiar with thinking at Plotkin’s firm said one lesson was clear: don’t leave a mark and only buy put options over the counter “This phenomenon is that retail investors are jumping on a bandwagon to dominate trading activity a new kind of portfolio risk, “said Jay Raffaldini, global director of sales at UBS O’Connor.” It will cause many hedge funds to rethink their approach to their long and short investment strategies “(Updates with Shares in paragraph ninth An earlier version this story corrected a title in the 19th Paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe Now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

High short stocks are being targeted by some investors trying to coerce people who have bet prices will go for cover Check out Dillards and AMC Entertainment

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The momentum that apparently contributed to brief pressure on the inventory of video game retailer GameStop Corp also appears to be having an impact on stocks of a variety of other severely shortened companies

GameStop Corp.The stock move further turned efficient market theory on its head on Wednesday, hitting a record high that valued the retail chain at more than $ 20 billion

The Dow Jones lost ground as stocks reversed Apple and Microsoft stocks rose as Boeing stocks fell Big Short investor Michael Burry issued a warning

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Reddit and its r / wallstreetbets forum have become powerful, unpredictable forces in the marketplace that send certain stocks to the moon unexpectedly

GameStop shares are set to gain 70% to open this morning, and AMC shares are open 300% This has lengthened a run, confusing market watchers, angering hedge funds, and making Crypto’s recent gains appear generally weak and weak. Robinhood has blown up the trading fee economy and now along with a number of similar companies – Publiccom with its social focus, Freetrade in Great Britain etc., has made retail investing far more accessible to more people than it was before.It’s something that was noticed by none other than Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, who shared some thoughts on Twitter

Shares in Nokia Corp. In a very volatile and active trade on Wednesday, the value rose, which was enough for the Finland-based network company to comment on the activity

Shares fell on Wednesday as investors waited for another string of company results and the January monetary policy decision by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)

During a Senate hearing, Yellen said she would look at tax breaks, social security, and ways to help Americans save

What if I’m in my forties and don’t have a pension fund? Some experts say you should be saving at least 3 times your salary for retirement by the age of 40. If the 401 (k) has been pre-tax funded, any converted amount will be taxable for them, but switching to Roth could be a good move As they are likely to be in a low tax bracket at 21 and 23 if they convert, invest wisely and leave the funds alone, they could get a good chunk of the money tax-free in 2030 if they are in a higher tax bracket p>

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For investors looking for a strong dividend player, there are a few segments of the market known for their high-yield dividends, which makes them logical places to look for reliable payers in the hydrocarbon sector, oil and gas exploration and mainstreaming, is one of the sector deals with products that are essential – our world thrives on oil and its by-products and although the overhead is high for energy companies, they still have a market for their services, resulting in an instant cash flow that is below can be used to pay dividends, among other things. All of this prompts investment firm Raymond James to search midstream oil and gas companies for dividend stocks with growth potential. “We expect the [Midstream] group to see their average EV this year / EBITDA multiple will increase by about 1 turn.This corresponds to a movement of the stock value by ~ 2 0-25% “noted Raymond James’ analyst Justin Jenkins Jenkins outlined a number of points that would lead to a midstream rebound in 2021, including moving from” lockdown “to” reopening ” a general push on the way for commodities when the economy picks up; a political point that some of DC’s more traditional centrists are unlikely to vote for anti-oil Green New Deal policies; and finally, dividend yields are high on relatively low stock values. A look at the TipRanks database reveals two midstream companies that Raymond James has come across – for all of the above, these are stocks with certain unique attributes: a dividend yield of 7% or more and Purchase Ratings MPLX LP (MPLX) MPLX, which was spun off as a standalone midstream company from Marathon Petroleum eight years ago, owns, and operates a range of midstream assets, including pipelines, terminals, refineries, and river navigation, which are its main businesses of MPLX are located in the northern Rocky Mountains and the Midwest and stretch south to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Corona year 2020 sales reports show the value of midstream oil and gas The company reported $ 218 Billion at the top in Q1, $ 199 billion in Q2 uartal and $ 216 billion in the third quarter; Earnings turned negative in the first quarter, but were positive in the following two quarters The Q3 report also showed $ 1 billion in net cash flow generated, more than enough to cover the company’s dividend payout, MPLX pays 6875 cents per common share quarterly or quarterly $ 275 annualized which gives the dividend a high yield of 119% The company has a diversified midstream business and strong cash generation This causes Justin Jenkins of Raymond James to change his stance on MPLX from Neutral to Outperform (ie Buy). His target price of $ 28 implies a 22% year-on-year uptrend for the stock (To see Jenkins’ track record, click here) Jenkins affirms his stance: “Given the number of ‘boxes’ history can check for MPLX, it’s no surprise this is a debate stock given the changing G&P trends, an expected rebound from the refined / refined In terms of product volume, the story hits many operational boxes – and spans multiple financial debates at the same time … We also believe that solid financial results for 2020 should instill longer-term confidence … “On the road, other analysts generally seem to be on the same page at 6 Buys and 2 holds in the last three months, the consensus rating is considered a strong buy.In addition, the $ 26 average target price of 71 results in an uptrend of ~ 17% (See MPLX stock analysis on TipRanks) DCP Midstream Partners (DCP) The next Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is one of the largest midstream natural gas operators of the state’s DCP controls a network of gas pipelines, hubs, storage facilities and facilities between the Rocky Mountain, Midcontinent and Permian Basin manufacturing areas and the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.The company also operates in the Antrim gas region of Michigan as of the last quarter of the reporting period – Sept. Quarter 20 – DCP 4 has collected and processed 45 billion cubic feet of gas per day as well as 375000 barrels of natural gas liquids The company also reported $ 268 million in net cash flow, of which $ 130 million was free cash flow. The company reduced its debt burden by 156 million for the quarter All of this enabled DCP to keep the dividend at 39 cents per share at the start of the corona crisis, the company had to cut that payment – but only once Quarter 20 is fourth in a row at 39 cents per common share The annualized rate of $ 1.56 gives a respectable 78% yield This is another stock to be upgraded by Raymond James Analyst James Weston increases this stock from Neutral to Outperform (ie Buy) while setting a target price of $ 24 that implies growth of 20% over the one year time horizon “[We] expect DCP to be positive due to sequential improvements in NGL prices, volatility in the NGL market, and positive upstream Trends will have another solid quarter We do not use the current propane prices and expect a solid but more normal price regime for the next 12 years 18 months We believe this will create a favorable operating environment for DCP cash flows that is not currently reflected in street estimates, ”said Weston. All in all, the Moderate Buy analyst consensus rating for DCP is based on 7 recent ratings, the 4 through 3 Breakdown Buy versus Hold The price of stocks is $ 1958 and the average target of $ 23 indicates an upward movement of ~ 15% from that level (See DCP stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the Featured Analysts Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

“Nokia is not aware of any material, undisclosed corporate developments or material changes in its business or affairs that have not been publicly disclosed that would explain the recent increase in the market price or volume of its shares,” it said in a Opinion Nokia US.Listed stocks rose to $ 979 on Wednesday, up 133% for the week, their highest level in 10 years

For Bitcoin, the trust that is worth it has become more valuable in the past few months It Was A Tear The (very bizarre) question is whether a new way to use blind trust by brigading stocks at the garbage can level and turning them into memes could jeopardize the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies for retail investors in recent days, stocks of GameStop, Blockbuster and AMC makes unwarranted profits as Reddit users sparked a run on stocks on the r / WallStreetBets subreddit, which have been severely slashed by institutional investors

AMC stock surged more than 200% before being stopped – the most recent surge for a sharply shortened stock after GameStop

Efforts to close short positions have increased the retailer’s market cap from less than $ 300 million six months ago to more than $ 23 billion

(Bloomberg) – GameStop Corp.The breathtaking climb showed no signs of slowing down on Wednesday Bullish day traders got the upper hand on short sellers who began to surrender, with the stock rising 157% to a session high of $ 380m in New York just after 11 a.m., resulting in at least two volatility stops that progress means the video game trader’s market value in this one alone Month rose more than 20 times to around $ 26 billion That makes GameStop bigger than a third of the companies in the S&P 500 index, the meteorite rally got short sellers to count the cost in a battle with day traders who visited the Reddit social media platform to encourage others to do theirs To follow example Melvin Capital closed its short position while Citron Capital’s Andrew Left said the company covered the majority of its short position with a 100% loss in the 1990s. “It feels like rationality and fundamentals just dead, “said Anne Stevenson-Yang, co-founder of J Capital Research, over the phone.” When you are short, you are in a very difficult position because you have to buy the stock to get out So you end up with a grossly overvalued stock. “GameStop failed to respond to requests for comment. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other members of the Biden administration are overseeing the stock’s earnings were on late Tuesday according to Tesla Inc Chef Elon Musk tweeted a link to a Reddit thread about the company, however, famed fund manager Michael Burry warned the manic rally was out of control, calling the stock’s surge “unnatural, crazy and dangerous” by venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya who drove profits up Tuesday after tweeting over buying calls Tuesday, said on CNBC that he had closed his GameStop position, saying he was turning 500Donating $ 000 from its winnings and original position to the Barstool Small Business Fund GameStop is up 124% from 1:40 p.m in New York Daily earnings increased approximately $ 1.6 billion in Chewy Inc.’s holdings Co-founder Ryan Cohen, who joined the video game seller’s board of directors earlier this month, “It really just goes back to the classic adage that markets can stay irrational longer than they are solvent,” said Greg Taylor, chief investment officer at Purpose Investments. “So you can try this fight for as long as you want but at some point you just have to give in and just step on the sidelines that feels like that stage of the market we’re in right now, where things are getting a little crazy and definitely of the Fundamentals Are Separated Another cautionary note was issued on Wednesday by Bank of America Corp. Analysts As they raise their price target from $ 1 to $ 10 to reflect the stock’s recent surge, they noted GameStop is in “a weaker and no stronger place” and reiterated their recommendation to underperform “while it’s tough to.” Knowing how much very high short interest and retail ownership could continue to put pressure on stocks, we believe fundamentals will again affect valuation, “analysts, led by Curtis Nagle, wrote in a note.” We stand the potential for one The euphoria that was born in daytrader chat rooms has made GameStop the largest story inventory of the retail age Its unlikely rise is a symbol of the newfound power of individual investors. At the same time, it becomes a major problem for institutional investors betting on it to fall. “It is unwise to try and stand principally against an angry mob,” said Wedbush Securities Inc Analyst Michael Pachter, who had a target price of $ 16 for GameStop as of January 11 “The shorts need to mark their investments at market value So if you run short at $ 20 and think the stock will climb to $ 10 and then to $ 300, you lost $ 280 trying to make $ 10″To be honest, I’m surprised they didn’t close much deeper than this” The epic short squeeze with Express Inc The search for other companies that might be similarly susceptible triggered bed bath & Beyond Inc and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc online brokers such as Robinhood Markets and Charles Schwab Corp. soared among stocks on Wednesday were hit again by disruptions as the wild fluctuations pierced the dealers. TD Ameritrade informed its customers in a message that some transactions in GameStop, AMC and other securities were restricted several times. “The special thing about these manias is that there are always enough people that 600% or 1Earn 000% and tell everyone that everyone is upset about it, “said Anne Stevenson-Yang. The thing is, it’s not the majority of these people and, after all, quite a number of people lose money” (updates with white man’s reaction House in fifth paragraph and Ryan Cohen’s winnings) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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World News – FI – Nokia and Elisa expand network boundaries with world’s first 1T deployment