Nicole Kidman isn’t particularly happy that her husband Keith Urban is working with British pop star Rita Ora on the new season of The Voice

Last week Channel Seven announced that the two were joining Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian in the red spinning chairs. But if Nicole, 53, did, Keith wouldn’t be doing the show at all!

“It’s not that he needs the money,” says our insider, “but he argues that keeping up your gigs in Australia is crucial to selling albums”He also likes to encourage new talent he says it keeps him inspired “

Keith, 53, who appeared on The Voice on Nine on the first season, “swears on the Bible” that nothing will happen between him and Rita, 30 – but it’s not him that Nicole is worried about

After all, her husband previously fell victim to the charm of his co-judges on the coaching panel

“Nicole will never forget how humiliating it was when Jennifer Lopez brazenly flirted with Keith about American Idol – they had some explosive arguments about it and friends feared they might actually break up about it

“Nicole goes out of her way to avoid that kind of embarrassment again, I’ve heard her people have a quiet word in the ears of The Voice producers to make sure Keith and Rita are on opposite ends of the judging panel She was Nicole’s last choice on the list of potential judges, solely because of her “


Next year, longtime coach Delta Goodrem won’t take a seat on the red chair for the first time

“One of the most powerful gifts of my nine-year trip on The Voice was to find my own voice beneath it all – the heart, the dreams people shared, the extraordinary talent and constant inspiration of being with music – so many magical moments that I’m so proud of and really grateful for

“I wish everyone all the best for a great season #TeamDelta lives on in my heart and is now moving on to a very exciting new chapter,” she added

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