Nicole Kidman took on her natural beauty during the pandemic and is mostly depicted with her gorgeous curly hair

In a new video posted on Instagram, the Big Little Lies star changed things with a sleek, straight hair – and she looked just as fabulous

In the footage, Nicole helped change her look with Seratopical’s newest eye serum and was seen applying it under her eyes to moisturize her skin

Fans were quick to comment on the video, saying, “Is that why you always look so fabulous?” while another wrote, “You look beautiful” A third added, “You are so pretty”

The Hollywood star has reduced the straightening of her naturally wavy hair in recent years and only for special occasions or occasions

Before I Go to Sleep star admitted she wanted to get back to what she believed was the Aussie Beach Girl stereotype

“I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair,” she told Australian magazine Who

The mother of four also said to Refinery 29, “I had this hair I shouldn’t have abused my hair I loved this hair What did I think I’m working on getting this hair back”

The star of Big Little Lies got off to a relaxing start into the new year after a few months of filming at home with her family

At the end of 2020 Nicole shot Nine Perfect Strangers in Byron Bay and The Northman, which was filmed in Ireland

The actress and husband Keith Urban are now able again to teach their daughters Sunday and Faith at their New South Wales farmhouse

The impressive property spans 111 acres and Nicole has been sniffing the sprawling area on social media for the past few months

In one in HELLO! The infatuated mother also gave an insight into how her family had got on during the pandemic in August

She said, “We travel together, so we’re always together, but never where you are in a house and can’t go to the store, restaurant or movie theater

“Staying at home, going to school from home and all the things that everyone has done is a completely different life to us”

Keith had previously explained the family’s busy lifestyle in an interview with The Times, admitting that no days are the same

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