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Top 9 posts fill Instagram feeds worldwide again as users want to share their favorite photos from last year The Instagram Top 9 trend first started in 2016 and has been an annual year-end tradition ever since, allowing users to see the top nine most popular Retrieve posts from your profile from last year in a 3×3 grid This year, however, it looks a little different Two different official services are available to Instagram users to choose from

In the past, Topnineco, along with the associated Google Play Store and Apple App Store apps for Android and iPhone, were the only tools you needed to create an Instagram Top 9

However, this year the top nine developers BetaLabs launched a brand new service for Instagram called CreatorKit.As with the previous BetaLabs offering, CreatorKit users can create Instagram Top 9 through their Android and iOS apps as well as on their official website / p>

And that’s not the only trick up your sleeve CreatorKit offers a number of other tools to make a creator’s life a lot easier. In addition to being able to make an Instagram Top 9, CreatorKit also provides video editing tools that allow users to create animated videos, stories, and even ads “in minutes” can

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Video editing tools available to a user include a text-to-video tool, free video effects and filters, and the ability to merge videos or trim clips to length. The app also includes “hundreds” of templates that have been developed for various social media platforms

CreatorKit is free to download, but there is a Pro version which users can pay a monthly subscription fee to access. The app description for CreatorKit on the Play and App Store reads: “We started CreatorKitcom with a simple mission in mind : Help Developers Grow Online

“Choose from hundreds of animated video templates designed for any social platform, including our most popular template: Top Nine for Instagram Simply enter your Instagram account and we’ll create a collage of your Top Nine Instagram photos Year’s CreatorKit app also has many simple tools to help you sell, including animated price tags, discounts, and more! “

On the CreatorKit website, BetaLabs also stated that one of the reasons for introducing this new app was because of the fake nine best apps that pose a security risk to users

BetaLabs said, “This year we decided to add Top Nine to the CreatorKit platform So, you can also use our powerful video editor to create videos with your top nine photos and videos of 2020

“Another important factor was that many of the clones claiming to be the original Top Nine posed a security and privacy risk and unknowingly used a fake tool believed to be our Top Nine tool”

If you want to know how to find a fake Best Nine app, check out this ExpresscoUK review earlier this week that highlights the warning signs to look out for

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Instagram Top Nine

World News – FI – The new Instagram Top 9 app offers unprecedented bonus tools

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1378176/New-Instagram-Top-9-app-available-to-download-with-bonus-tools