stunned Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho accused his players of disrespecting their jobs after his side after a 3-2 aggregate loss to Dinamo Zagreb on Thursday

Tottenham led 2-0 in the first leg in north London and were an overwhelming favorite to reach the quarter-finals However, he put on a lukewarm performance when Zagreb stormed back with a sensational hat trick from Mislav Orsic

Mourinho suffered one of the worst defeats of his illustrious managerial career after his side had been heavily criticized for their poor performance in the derby defeat in north London on Sunday at Arsenal

While Orsic’s hat trick, completed early in extra time, was world class, Tottenham’s performance was extremely poor and they surrendered after half time

“If I forget the last 10 minutes of extra time, when we did something to get a different result, I saw in the 90 minutes and first half of extra time that one team left everything on the field has left sweat”They left energy, they left blood and in the end they left tears of happiness,” a grim Mourinho told BT Sport

“On the other hand, my team and I didn’t look like they were playing an important game and if for any of them it isn’t an important game for me, it is for the respect I have my career and my own job “

It was only the third time that Champions League manager Mourinho lost a game in a European competition by three goals, and the second time with Spurs after RB Leipzig beat the Champions League last season

At Real Madrid he suffered a three-goal defeat against Borussia Dortmund. But that felt much worse

Tottenham’s great Glenn Hoddle, an expert on BT Sport, described the display as “devilish” adding, “They lost the plot, but they lost their hearts too”

Mourinho said he was more than sorry about Tottenham’s exit from a competition where he’d provided a path to cutlery and the Champions League

“I just exited the Dinamo dressing room where I praised it and I am sorry that a team other than my team won the game because of their attitude and compromise

“I’m sorry that my team brought into play not only the basics of football, but also the basics of life, which is respecting our jobs and giving everything”

They’re eighth in the Premier League ahead of Sunday’s game against Aston Villa, and while they’re in the Carabao Cup final, few will appreciate their chances against Manchester City

But after Thursday’s surrender, the winning mentality that the club owners hope he will instill in them looks as far away as ever before

Meanwhile, Dinamo’s victory in Zagreb sparked celebrations that saw several hundred supporters resisting Croatian COVID-19 as they streamed the streets in cars and on foot

The footage published in the online edition of the Croatian daily Sportske Novosti showed fans gathering around the Maksimir Stadium

A seemingly endless motorcade in downtown Zagreb was escorted by fans setting off torches and fireworks after Dinamo caused the biggest shock in Europe’s second-tier competition this season

After the game, Orsic praised his teammates as goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic scored two important saves late to prevent Tottenham from thwarting away goals

“I think everyone is a hero tonight because we all breathed as one in an unforgettable match,” Orsic told reporters

“We were disappointed after losing 2-0 in London because we felt we could do better and we couldn’t go wrong tonight”It was a dream come true

“We have shown that we are able to hold our own against a high-level team If we stay humble and don’t get carried away, we can do bigger things in the Europa League””

The result was also a dream debut for coach Damir Krznar after replacing Zoran Mamic on Monday, who resigned after learning he was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison for fraud

Stressing the perfect timing of Dinamo’s goals, Krznar, who was Mamic’s assistant, said his former boss must be credited with the selfless work that laid the foundation for Dinamo’s success

“It worked ideally because the goal in the first 15-20 minutes may have resulted in mocking the lion,” said Krznar

“This was my first responsible game, but the result today is a product of the work of the staff over the past two or three years and the steady progress we’ve made

“Zoran was responsible, but he kept his head down and always credited the staff, never himself. We are a compact unit with a lot of positive energy”

Dinamo – Tottenham

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