Ale Moreno says Lionel Messi had a “different energy” after his contract with Barcelona leaked (1:19)

Former Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu has denied having passed on Lionel Messi’s contract to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo

Messi’s four-year deal, signed in 2017, was fully released on Sunday, revealing that the Barca striker could earn a maximum of € 555million over the course of the contract, making him the highest paid athlete of all the time

Sources have confirmed to ESPN that Messi plans to take legal action against the newspaper and anyone from the Catalan club who was involved in posting the terms

Bartomeu left the club last October and his relationship with Messi ended badly Messi recently branded him a liar in several interviews

“It is completely wrong [that I was involved in the leak],” Bartomeu told TV3, “This is a very serious problem as it is completely illegal to give a professional contract to the media

“It is easy to make allegations but this is no joke and will end up in court. Messi deserves everything he deserves, be it for professional or commercial reasons. Without the pandemic, Barcelona would be more than capable of those numbers to pay “

Bartomeu has not yet been replaced as Barca president On the 7th On March 25th, club members are expected to vote who will chair the club for the next six years

The two top contenders, Joan Laporta and Victor Font, have spoken out in favor of Messi since the publication of El Mundo’s report accusing Messi of “ruining” Barca financially

“Messi didn’t ruin the club,” Laporta told Rac1. “That was the previous board that has lost all arguments since 2016

“These types of stories show a total lack of respect for Barca, however given the lack of governance in the club without a president, it is easier for these things to happen”

With Barca gross debt up to € 1.2 billion, there are now real concerns about whether they can afford to keep Messi, who will be free to leave in the summer if he doesn’t extend his deal

Font, like Laporta, insists on getting Messi to sign on new terms, remains a priority for anyone who is the new president, despite saying “it’s not the end of the world” if the Argentine National player leaves

“We have to do everything we can to keep Messi,” Font told Onda Cero. “That was true in 2017 and it is still true Messi generates so much and more for the club To claim the club was ruined because of him, is a completely wrong conclusion “

According to El Mundo, Messi would be a maximum of 555 in four seasons237€ 619 (673919105 $) if a number of conditions were met

Including the image rights, the report was informed that Messi would receive an extension bonus of 115 million € and a loyalty bonus of 77 million € which is split into two payments – as ESPN announced in November

Messi is also said to earn around 72 million euros annually, in addition to the add-ons for playing more than 60% of the games over the course of a season, progressing the Champions League, winning La Liga or the Copa del Rey and winning the FIFA Best

Barca coach Ronald Koeman said the deal was leaked with “malicious intent to harm the club and Messi”, adding that if someone is behind it, someone should have no future at Barcelona “

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