2 goalkeepers on the bench ?! The team looks nice to me and should be enough to take a 1-0 win

Willian, Pepe and Nketiah don’t trust me I am convinced that Willian is a Chelsea agent who is supposed to ruin us

Pepe so fast that he managed to appear in the camera role twice for the lineup?

Yeah I don’t get that at all A little slap in the face (unless he’s injured) Seems like the third choice now, sure he needs a loan for the rest of the season

It’s crazy I know he didn’t have a great game against Newcastle but he hadn’t played in weeks so I can forgive him for that Before I really felt like he found some form and independent on whether I feel he is more threatened than William and, unlike him, has the potential to grow into it through the playing time

Pepe on the right in his natural position, but Pepe on the left is also really fascinating I can’t believe we have never thought of playing our record signature on both grand pianos at the same time! Cross your fingers, it gets the best out of it

Pepe should certainly be able to do enough to save himself if he plays on both flanks 😉

I’m praying for a good Pepe display today, I really just want him to prove otherwise to his doubters

However, he will face Ryan Bertrand – who will have the game of his life if he tries to impress Arteta to force a transfer to Arsenal

The midfield and attack are not very inspiring I’m not sure this will be a lot of fun to watch, especially considering Southampton has a full team

With Willian as # 10, Hoping Martinelli will get the best out of Willian Willian, Pepe and Nketiah all stood so many chances that they really owe it to Arsenal to get the job done today

The number of sideways and backward movements is going to rack my brains, I can already tell

Exactly my thinking, too. The Saints are good this season, squeeze hard and compress the space Exactly the kind of football Arsenal don’t necessarily want to play

Would’ve preferred AMN to Cedric the guy deserves a chance and if not he’ll at least help maintain his transfer value

He doesn’t deserve a chance after that terrible performance he had in the last game

I would have preferred if AMN had got a chance in the cup in midfield or on his natural flank right back

Please don’t compare Pepe to Willian. At least he made some positive contributions with goals and templates. Surely Willian needs to find some of his Chelsea form

What do people think about Ward-Prowse joining our midfield this summer? English, young (ish), PL experience, good delivery of set pieces, fee approx £ 20m – £ 25m

No, he just signed a new 5 year deal 4 months ago Southampton wouldn’t let him go for less than 40 million

I got the forward line right in my prediction last night. Surprised, Xhaka plays – maybe means he doesn’t on Monday (good IMO against the Saints who are likely to pressure him)

Certainly Balaguan would have had the bench in front of the 3rd goalkeeper Can place choice or pick one of the other young guys for game day experience Strange

Balogun played 90 minutes for the U23 last night But yes, 2 goalkeepers are a ridiculous waste of a substitute place. I would have had Aubameyang on the bench if we had lost 1-0 with 25 minutes to go

Yes, so what? If you want to take a seat on the bench with a player you 100% don’t want to play, are you sure you offer him the player you want to convince to stay?

I would also understand if Ryan or Runar started and the other Bernd was on the bench, it would be clear that he intends to give a half or something each with Leno if the emergency hits the fan cover

I can only think that someone dropped out at the last minute due to an injury, which is why we have 2x GKs on the bench

Still doesn’t explain why we put in a second goalkeeper unless we decided that Runner sucks as a goalkeeper and he can get back to midfield as a junior

No Auba? Not even on the bench? And no start for Laca? Bellerin and Cedric on the same team? Why not AMN as a left-back? Two goalkeepers on the bench?

Auba has been withdrawn Laca needs REST, he is the only player who can play his position we have Cedric is a capable left-back AMN has been terrible playing for the last couple of months while Cedric has been solid

With two goalkeepers on the bench, would that mean Mat Ryan might come on for the second half? I’m just trying to figure out why you have two goalkeepers on the bench

This team selection is incredible and shows the manager’s ineptitude in all its glory. Elneny returns as a starter to play the ball sideways and backwards against a side that is pushing the opponent hard in midfield Cedric has a decent game on the right and then gets the opportunity to show that he is unsuitable for stealing while defending Pepe and Willian win starting spots despite having shown in almost every game they have played this season that they are not good enough and honestly don’t look like they care Then to Read more »


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