The US House of Representatives voted to expel a Republican Congresswoman from two committees for burning comments made prior to her election last November

Before the vote, she said she regretted her views, including claims that school and 11th school shootings September were staged

This means that the November representative who represents a district in the southern state of Georgia will not be able to take her place on the education and budget committees

This would limit their ability to shape policy, as most laws go through a committee before they reach the House. Committee positions can determine the influence of individual lawmakers in their party

It is highly unusual for one party to intervene in the duties of another party’s House Committee

“I woke up this morning literally laughing and thinking about what a bunch of idiots the Democrats (11) are for giving someone like me free time,” she tweeted, referring to the 11 Republicans who were also voted to remove them

At a news conference in Washington, Ms. Greene said hours later that the Democrats had “taken my district off of her vote” by removing her from committees

She described the democratically led government as “tyrannically controlled” and denounced the impeachment trial of Donald Trump – because of his role in the riots on Jan. January – as “circus”

According to The Hill, a political news agency, Ms. Greene received a standing ovation at a closed meeting with members of her party on Wednesday after apologizing for her earlier remarks and expressed regret on the Thursday before the vote out for their past comments

On the floor of the house, she said her controversial remarks were made before she ran for office last year

Ms. Greene said she was “upset with what happened” in the US and didn’t trust the government when she encountered conspiracy theories online in 2018

The 46-year-old also tried to blame the media, saying they were “just as guilty as QAnon for promoting lies”

When asked by a reporter on Friday whether or not she “apologized” for some of these additional remarks, Ms. Greene said that she was “sorry for saying all the things that are wrong and offensive”

She added that she was “not sorry” for talking to Mr. Hogg about gun rights and said that “he was an adult when I spoke to him”

After an afternoon of procedural maneuvers and debate, a majority of the House of Representatives took the unprecedented move of voting to remove one of its members from serving on the committee as it was a dangerous and poisonous speech she made ahead of her election

Republicans warned that the sanctioning of Marjorie Taylor Greene set a dangerous precedent in which the majority party in the chamber could tell the minority how to allocate its committee seats

Democrats countered that the real precedent would be for a member of the Chamber to threaten their future colleagues – and the House did nothing.Because the Republicans refused to punish any of them, the majority said they had to intervene

The house sanctioned the conspiratorial Ms. Greene, but it may have started a new cycle of political retribution

Before the vote, Ms. Pelosi said she was “deeply concerned” that Republicans are accepting “a theorist of extreme conspiracy”

“I haven’t heard any regrets or apologies,” Garcia said. “It’s all about spin and I think she’s probably going to try to raise a ton of money with it I find it shameful”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said before the vote: “I have never come across a situation like this before where a member makes such heinous and hurtful statements, engages in the harassment of colleagues and his own Support for political violence has expressed “

Jimmy Gomez of California promised to move forward with a resolution to expel Ms. Greene altogether from Congress

Under Section 5 of the US Constitution, a House can expel a member with a two-thirds majority, which means that Republicans in the tightly divided House of Representatives would need significant support

The Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, vowed retaliation the next time his party controls the lower house of Congress

He accused the Democrats of double standards, citing the flurry of anti-Semitism in 2019 when Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar implied US politicians were only backing Israel for lobbying money, and Ms. Pelosi with her the same month a magazine cover appeared

Jim Jordan of Ohio said, “So who’s next? Who’s going to drop the culture next?”

He attacked Democrats for fueling unsubstantiated claims that Mr Trump was secretly plotting with Russia to win the 2016 election

“I heard from the Democrats several times today: Conspiracy Theory The Democrats sold the greatest conspiracy theory of all time – the Russia joke!”

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