My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he gave me @MariahCarey which is very festive! ImageTwittercom / ovzQwe8tG6

Mariah Carey doesn’t want much for Christmas There is only one thing she needs: her “unapproved” decoration to be excluded from your Christmas tree

Thanks to a wonderfully distorted decoration, which resembles the 50-year-old chanteuse “All I Want for Christmas” and poses in her iconic shimmering red Santa Claus overall, the serenity of the holiday is fully effective

Instead of exuding the same beauty and whimsy of winter wonderland that featured on Carey’s legendary 1994 album cover “Merry Christmas”, the deformed likeness exudes gruesome Grinch vibes – complete with a crooked head and wobbly left eye

“My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he gave me @MariahCarey, which is very festive!” tweeted CNN’s Kyle Blaine on Thursday, along with a snapshot of the weird-looking gimmick

When Diva saw Blaine’s tweet, accompanied by her unsightly seasonal frills, the “Vision of Love,” she tweeted his post saying, “This is unapproved “which underscored her disappointment with a grimace emoji. Despite her dismay, Carey ended her tweet by letting Blaine and her other 216 million Twitter followers know that her mind was still happy and bright” It’s the thought that matters, “she added,

Blaine later said he was blatantly congratulated on being “totally and utterly destroyed by MC”

Aside from ugly ornaments, the Eternal Queen of Christmas has plenty to celebrate this year, including her successful collaboration with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson on a new line of Christmas biscuits – and of course, her 25-year-old anthem, “All I Want for Christmas “Climbs to # 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart on Monday after collecting 812 million streams

Not to mention the COVID-friendly, fun little road trip she’s currently taking with her and Nick Cannon’s 9-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccans

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World News – FI – Mariah Carey disagrees with this insane looking Christmas ornament