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It is the 5th 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s death, and the BBC has paid him all sorts of tributes, most of all interesting is Low, written by Sean Grundy, a veteran TV writer and director of the prolific Dirk Maggs The Radio Play – or audio podcast for your millennials – tells the story of Bowie, who made his legendary and influential 1977 album Low

The piece is a somber comic snapshot from 1976 when David Bowie was tottering from cocaine and alcohol and couldn’t work on his new album due to paranoia, fear and his crumbling marriage when Angie Bowie (Helene Maksoud) chased him belief in staying in Los Angeles is going to drive him crazy in a custody battle for young son Zowie (who would eventually grow to be acclaimed filmmaker Duncan Jones) David rises and takes his entourage to Berlin to work on the album. This entourage included his assistant and lover Coco Schwab (Laurel Kefkow), little Zowie (James Morley) and James Osterberg alias Iggy Pop (Kerry Shale) Life in Berlin turns out to be no less dilapidated and chaotic when David crawls out of Angie and has to reckon with his troubled past

Fans of David Bowie and his life will be familiar with the details that unfold in the drama: Bowie’s fear of becoming mentally ill and engaged like his brother, his bisexuality, his problems with drugs, his clashes with his nudes Company, his collaboration with Brian Eno (Wilf Scolding), his crumbling marriage to Angie, his close relationship with Coco, his friendship with Iggy, the supervision of producer Tony Visconti (Martin T Sherman), the fights that may or may not have taken place inside and outside the studio.Everything plays as a farce

Director Dirk Maggs previously produced radio play versions of The Death of Superman, Superman: Doomsday & Beyond, William Gibson’s original screenplay for Alien 3, Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, Neverwhere (perhaps the best version of the story in one medium) Sandmann Staging a piece of meta-pop culture as a radio play is his specialty, and Low is possibly his most surreal production to date

Adi Tantimedh is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and writer who just loves writing. He wrote radio plays for BBC radio, “JLA: Age of Wonder” for DC Comics, “Blackshirt” for Moonstone Books and “La Muse” for Big Head Press Most recently, he wrote “Her Nightly Embrace”, “Her Beautiful Monster” and “Her Fugitive Heart”, a trilogy of novels with a British-Indian private eye, published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster


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