WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump called the National Guard after violent protests broke out inside and outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday

One person was shot dead as protesters broke through the heavily secured building and forced the evacuation of the Senate and House of Representatives, forcing a delay in the constitutional process to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections

A protester stood on the podium in the Senate Chamber and shouted: “Trump won this election” while several dozen roam the halls shouting: “Where are they?”

JUST IN – Protesters fight with the secret service and the Capitol Police inside the US. CapitolPictureTwittercom / ziveA5kBJ8

“I know your pain, I know that you are hurt, we had a choice that was stolen from us,” President Donald Trump began a message on Wednesday evening on Twitter. “But you have to go home now, we have to have peace We must have law and order “

Twitter has warned Trump’s tweet about his unsubstantiated claims about the election

Trump also tweeted on his followers to “stay peaceful” as they forcibly clash with law enforcement officials

“Please support our police and law enforcement in the Capitol,” tweeted Trump when tear gas was used in the locked Capitol. “You really are on the side of our country Stay Peaceful! “

Protesters have demolished a barrier fireworks in front of the Capitol People in a tower telling the crowd to push forward “Move forward and we can hit them” Throwing things are police crowd pushing up and USA singing That is an unreal pictureTwittercom / FDEQu9HyPX

BREAKING: 2 buildings on the US. The Capitol complex was evacuated when Trump supporters clashed with the police photoTwittercom / MjDddVl3dc

Members of Congress in the Chamber of the House were ordered by police to put on gas masks after tear gas was distributed in the Capitol rotunda

Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, DC.has ordered a curfew in the country’s capital from 6 p.m.

BREAKING: Trump supporters broke through the Capitol building, tore down 4 layers of security fences and are trying to occupy the building – Fighting Federal Police Overrun This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, thousands, the police can do them don’t stop Twittercom / VVdTUwV5YN

Multiple police clashes are seen as Trump supporters throw items at law enforcement agencies and climb a nearby tower

Whoa: Trump supporters walk the Capitol steps with police while Congress counts electoral college ballots in the pictureTwittercom / LiQhaa5KkQ

Employees at the Cannon House Office Building and the Madison Building, which houses the Library of Congress, have been asked to evacuate due to the protests

In the weeks leading up to Wednesday’s rally, Washington officials took steps to curb possible violence related to the event

Trump loyalists and police continue to clash as thousands more make their way to the Capitol Trump loyalists pepper syringes and punching D.C. Police ImageTwittercom / qvJ2RKYcrU

Die Zeit reported that more than 300 DC. National Guard troops had taken positions near the Capitol Building, although Bowser had asked not to be armed to avoid escalating the confrontation

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