Revered Swedish death metal singer LG Petrov, best known for his work with Stockholm pioneers Entombed, has died of biliary tract cancer after a hard-fought battle.He was 49. The news was posted on Facebook by Petrov’s bandmates Confirmed in his recent projects Entombed AD and Firespawn

“We are devastated to announce that our beloved friend Lars-Göran Petrov has left us,” wrote Entombed AD., who last released their third and final album Bowels of Earth in 2019 “Our brother, leader, singer, our chief Rebel Angel drove again last night. It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that Lars-Göran Petrov has left us. He was (is !!!) an incredible friend and a person who has touched so many people He has changed so many lives with his voice, music, character and unique personality LG’s smile is something we will forever hold in our hearts will be wearing “

Petrov’s most consistent work came with Entombed, the Stockholm band who inspired a number of extreme metal bands including Nails, Gatecreeper, Trap Them, All Pigs Must Die and Black Breath, to the point where such groups sometimes referred to as “Entombedcore” Petrov provided vocals on all nine Entombed albums, with the exception of Clandestine from 1991, including two all-time classics, Left Hand Path from the 1990s and Wolverine Blues from 1993 / p>

The singer’s place in metal history goes back even before Entombed, however. Petrov was a member of Swedish death metal group Nihilist, who recorded three groundbreaking demos before transforming into Entombed (bassist Johnny went his own way and founded Unleashed) Before Nihilist, Petrov (on drums) and Entombed guitarist Uffe Cederlund both played in the Swedish black metal band Morbid; The group was confronted by Per “Dead” Ohlin, who became infamous during his brief stint in Norway’s chaos, interrupted by his suicidal death in 1991

Most recently, Petrov led Entombed A on D., which he formed after breaking up with Entombed in 2014 and the ensuing legal battle over the band name, he also released three albums with Firespawn


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