LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, continues his mark in the fight against social injustice when he appeared as a narrator in an advertisement for the suffrage of More Than A Vote, his own organization that made it Aims to Stop Voter Suppression The video campaign will reportedly air for the first time during Sunday’s All-Star Game Celebration, according to FOX News

The video, narrated by LeBron James, began by highlighting Republicans who were involved in the suppression of voters against the African American community because of their support for the former U. President Donald Trump thereafter claimed that the current U.S. President Joe Biden is just the beginning of changes in the near future
Coincidentally, the All-Star Game process was also relocated from Indianapolis to Atlanta because of the NCAA college tournament, Georgia State played a key role in the recent election as it went blue for the first time in many years Support Democrats

In addition, the Democrats have been wagered that Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will be elected to the Senate seats when they beat Republican rivals in Kelly Loeffler and Kelly Loeffler, respectively Ousted David Perdue

The More Than A Vote platform for 2021 didn’t come out until days after the House Democrats sent a bill to the Senate to represent the largest total in the United States Recent choice

On the floor, LeBron James turns 17 Make an All-Star appearance as he leads his team in the 2020-21 All-Star Game at State Farm Arena against the roster of Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant

Despite criticism of his participation in political issues, LeBron James does not appear to be bothered by any of the conversations and will continue to push for change, especially for the evolving African American community

LeBron James

World News – FI – LeBron James tells the latest “Black Lives Matter” voting ad for All-Star Games

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