Jason Riddle is pictured in the U Capitol with a bottle of wine during the Jan Uprising 6

Jason Riddle, a Keene man who gave multiple media interviews after being part of the Jan 6 burglary at the US. Capitol was indicted in the United States District Court in Washington, D.C. on Friday

Riddle, 32, can be seen in photos and videos shared online on social media and traditional media within the U. Capitol, when rioters broke in and reportedly tried to kill members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence, according to court documents

Riddle, seen taking a bottle of wine and allegedly stealing a Senate trial manual and selling it on eBay for $ 40, is accused of knowingly stepping into a restricted building or site without legal authority be or stay there Theft of state property and forced entry and disorderly behavior on the grounds of the Capitol

FBI special agent Kevin Helson cites Riddle’s first interview with an NBC outlet in which Riddle admitted to going to the Capitol with the rioters

“When asked (by the NBC reporter) whether Riddle had regrets, Riddle replied,” No, “Helson writes in his affidavit

Riddle is also quoted by NBC as saying he “poured a glass of wine and watched it all unfold” while in the building watching the violence

“They smashed computers and printers, broke things and threw papers and lamps around,” said Riddle in the NBC interview, according to Helson’s affidavit

Riddle provided reporters with videos and photos he took of the action in the building, including numerous videos and photos of himself. Many of Riddle’s photos are included in Helson’s affidavit, along with surveillance security pictures taken from the Capitol -Complex system originate

Helson writes that FBI agent Riddle was released on Jan. Interviewed at Keene January 22 while executing a search warrant to obtain digital photos and videos During that interview, Riddle allegedly admitted to having gone in as part of a “big guy”-led “break-in”, according to Helson, Riddle also admitted that Take the Senate Book and drink the wine

“Riddle also admitted he stole a small Fox News soccer ball from the same office but tossed it aside as he was leaving the Capitol,” wrote Helson

Riddle informed the agents that he had tried to delete photos from his phone before they arrived

“Riddle also admitted that at some point after the Capitol incident, he deleted some messages, photos, and videos from his DC Travel from his phone during what he referred to as the “extinguishing frenzy” wrote Helson

Riddle has yet to appear in Washington D.C. Being charged on the indictment In his media interviews, he condemned the violence of the riot. He is a former correctional officer who, according to Keene Sentinel, unsuccessfully ran for Republican for the Cheshire County Commissioner

Riddle is now the second person in New Hampshire to be charged for her role in January 6 riots. Last month, 61-year-old Thomas Gallagher of Bridgewater was arrested and charged with being part of a disorderly group at the Capitol

Troy Police Chief David Ellis sparked controversy when interviewed at the protest that took place prior to the Jan. January took place 6

Ellis spoke to a reporter and denounced the police violence committed by the rioters. Five people were killed in the violence, including a police officer

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