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In typical Coppa Italia fashion, Andrea Pirlo put out a starting line-up on Wednesday evening that was almost completely different from the one he had used against Bologna a few days earlier on the weekend. And since Juventus knew who the opponent was, he was offered the opportunity to rest both the regulars and to continue despite all the changes made in the Coppa Italia

As expected, Juventus won in the quarter-finals of Coppa Italia against SPAL from Serie B and beat the guests 4-0, largely thanks to the goals of Alvaro Morata and Gianluca Frabotta in the first half. The provisional line-up with more Players under 22 as first team veterans prevented any sort of weirdness where the big underdog could hang around and do stupid things in the late game, as we saw last time Juventus stepped on the field in the Coppa Italia

It was exactly the kind of no-frills, businesslike effort you wanted to see, despite so many regulars either sitting on the bench or just not being called up for the game

But despite all the changes and the game against a team that would sit back, the quality gap was evident. Apart from some chances SPAL had, it would always depend on how well Juventus were able to defend their opponents more than anything, breaking SPAL would sit back, they would try to beat Juve on the counter and their best chance to shock the world of Coppa Italia again, as they did against Sassuolo, was to make Juve their own make worst enemy

So many of these types of games are about not downplaying the level of competition that Juve is facing, even with so many kids on the starting grid, they were still facing a team that is basically on the edge of a squad who is worthy of Serie A and was only relegated to Serie B last season. SPAL brought out players we know – seriously, Sergio Flocarri, who is still 39 years old! – and have Serie A experience.But even with that, the quality gap was obvious, and the last thing we had to see was Juve struggling to get something done and barely winning 1-0 or something

With this new line-up, Juventus played well. Sure, some might rate it on a curve because there weren’t the same caliber of players we saw in the two wins before this game, but the fact remains that one Team that has never played together in a competitive match before has worked pretty well together in the grand scheme of things There were some moments when SPAL could have caught Juve on the counter or some of a Juventus player’s scoring chances were not implemented, than they probably should have, but they controlled this game as much as any outing in the past few weeks

Basically, Juventus had to do the work against a team that was already playing with house money. Pirlo’s squad did just that and won with a lot of space Plus we could see that some potential youth players are contributing to the win for the future I take that every one Day of the week

Juventus – SPAL

World news – FI – Juventus 4 – SPAL 0: First reaction and random observations

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