The Junior World Championships are approaching a gold medal game between Canada and the USA

The two North American powerhouses made their quarter-finals easy on Saturday as US Slovakia and Canada have closed the Czech Republic Dylan Cozens and Trevor Zegras continued their battle for the WJC’s top scorer title, each earning at least one more game to stand out

The selection of the Ottawa Senators in 2020 could not keep his goal alive and cost Germany a place in the semifinals.After Stuetzle scored five goals and five assists in the preliminary round, he could not be included in the scorers list on Saturday apart from the misfortune of standing on the ice against a goal

Instead, it was Russia and his sensational goalkeeper Jaroslaw Askarow who will prevail until a match against Canada on Monday and will travel to the game for the gold medal

Russia scored the first goal in the middle of the first half with a shorthanded goal from Vasili Ponomaryov

The Viertliner surprised the German defenders picking a cherry on the ice in the middle, while Russia apparently grabbed the puck for a clearing attempt.Instead, defender Semyon Chistyakov sent a stretch pass straight to Ponomaryov’s bat, who ran in and fell into it alone open net for the gate pushed

Russia struck again in the middle of the second half when Yegor Afanasyev found Danil Bashkirov with a pass behind the net that he placed in the top left corner

Florian Elias scored a goal back early in the third half, but Askarov, a 2020 Nashville Predators draft pick from the first round, declined the other seven shots he saw in the frame, with 19 saves out of 20 attempts to run away

Probably the most dramatic game on Saturday was the Rally of Finland after a 2-0 deficit in the first period to stun the Swedes and advance to the semi-finals

Lucas Raymond and Elmer Soderblom achieved a gap of 97 seconds late in the first game, except that Sweden had to sit out the rest of the game

It was a minor breakthrough for Raymond, a Detroit Red Wings prospect who struggled to get on the scorers list throughout his tournament run despite playing on the Swedish top line, but his only goal on Saturday showed why the Red Wings think so much of him

The striker drifted down the left half-boards, trying to pass until he got under the face-off and quickly turned to shoot the net Raymond let both the defense and goalkeeper Kari Piiroinen fooled as they tried so hard To block overtaking lanes that a window opened directly to the network

It’s great news when Raymond leaves for training camp in Detroit next week. The rest of Sweden hasn’t had much luckier

Finland began to climb back with a goal from striker Henri Nikkanen in the second half before Anton Lundell scored two hits with a power play goal in the middle of the third half, Roni Hirvonen would play the hero for the flippers to end the night

Great game The right team has won based on the game in the last 2 periods The Finns had really hot on the heels of the Swedes in the last 40 minutes. Worked smart and hard to get the win after losing 2-0 had

The Finnish prospect Brad Lambert, who on 1912th just turned 17, an absolute joy is not eligible for the NHL draft until 2022! His uncle is Lane Lambert, former NHL player and current assistant coach of @NYIslanders Young Brad is a brilliant young player !!

Just when it looked like Finland had missed its chance at a game winner just moments before, Hirvonen took a loose puck behind the net and wedged it past Hugo Alnefelt’s pads in 25 seconds (31 saves, 3 goals allowed) remaining

Center Dylan Cozens scored one goal and one assist to score 13 points (seven goals, six assists) in five games, overtaking John Tavares for the sixth highest career points at the WJC in team history (22 points) Not bad for a 19 year old in his second tournament

Record a target & Dylan Cozens helped #TeamCanada win 2-0 against the Czech Republic tonight in the first phase of their #WorldJuniors quarterfinal match History (22) https: // tco / CcVWigq4aD

Cozens vs. Canadian history turned out to be a better matchup than Canada against The Czech Republic, which hosted the tournament, advanced to the semi-finals as expected

Connor McMichael also added a goal and assist with four shots in the net as Devon stopped Levi on his way to a second shutout in his last three games. Levi scored 29 saves on Saturday after scoring all 15 shots that he had put aside in a preliminary round match against Switzerland

The Florida Panthers prospect leads all the goalkeepers in the tournament with a score of 64 goals against average and 967 percent save. In 91 attempts he gave up a total of three goals

Canada beats the Czech Republic 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Good QF for them as CZE did not allow anything to get too easy, however talent and depth would always prevail in this case USA vs Slovakia is coming in an hour to determine the last SF place

This will be an extremely difficult challenge against Russia in the semi-finals as Levi and Cozens continue to provide the firepower the Canadians need

The Americans remained as dominant as they have seen all tournaments, setting WJC records on the way to a 5-2 win over Slovakia that was currently too close to console

At the start of the game, the US had scored 22 unanswered goals and would score three more goals against Slovakia before Matei Kaslik had just under 90 seconds left in the second half of Das US holds the longest team shutout series in WJC history at 218 minutes and 53 seconds

Slovakia can be proud that it won’t take a second longer if nothing else

John Farinacci scored two goals and striker Trevor Zegras added two assists to bring his total score to 15 (six goals, nine assists) and stay two points ahead of Canada’s Cozens

Cole Caufield showed his absurd accuracy and strength with a five-on-three power play goal towards the end of the second half when he shot a snapshot past goalkeeper Simon Latkoczy (41 attempts, 4 goals allowed)

Dominik Sojka scored the second goal of the night for Slovakia in the middle of the third half and thus scored a 3-2 game with 10 minutes of playing time, but the US. replied just six minutes later with Farinacci’s second contest. As the pressure built up, the Americans were ready to comply

That will surely come in handy on Monday when it comes to a top-class Finnish team with a berth in the championship game on the line

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