Disney reportedly prevented Johnny Depp from making a cameo on Pirates Of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp fans are furious after Disney reportedly prevented the actor from making a cameo in the upcoming film Pirates Of The Caribbean

Disney reportedly abandoned executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s idea of ​​bringing Depp back for a cameo, rumor has it that Margot Robbie is leading an upcoming, women-centric franchise spin-off

Depp portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow in all five Pirates Of The Caribbean films from 2006 to 2017, which the 77-year-old from Bruckheim produced

Several petitions have already been signed by more than a million fans online calling for Depp to be reinstated in his role as Sparrow

“I totally agree. The filmmakers won’t get a penny from me because I won’t see him without Jack,” another said at times

“A movie The Pirates of the Caribbean without Capt Jack Sparrow is like a Bond movie without Bond!” was one comment

Depp’s fans also support the luxury brand Dior after continuing to use it in their fragrance campaign

The Edward Scissorhands star is the face of Sauvage Aftershave, and its ads still appear in newspapers and on TV

However, many fans are showing their loyalty to the actor by buying the Sauvage perfume he is in. Beauty website Cosmetify claims internet searches for Cologne have increased 23 percent

Depp, 57, sued The Sun after alleging he assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard, which he denies A Supreme Court Justice ruled that what the article said was “essentially true”

“I won’t buy it again if they drop Johnny Johnny is a victim,” wrote one fan

“Since the perpetrator is still employed at L’Oreal, why should the victim lose his job?” another added

“Why not! He was injured by the judge who took the word of a scheming attacker and liar of a woman and then denied him an appeal,” interfered a third

“Dior is doing the right thing by holding on to him He has never been found guilty of a crime, only hearsay from a bitter woman She lied a lot even though they were as bad as the rest of them Check out this room he is has made good films for many and who is still one of the best male actors, she is only second rate, “read a comment

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