“I can’t say it’s just merciful, there’s a curse on this album” – John Lennon

Perhaps a little exhausted from songwriting – or rather a little removed from his usual songwriting routine – Lennon found some classic rock songs that he wanted to cover on his sixth solo studio album brought together with infamous producer Phil Spector Lennon may have had a lot of personal problems while recording the album, but what came out of it was an absolutely solid record of solid rock. Lennon’s mastery of these songs, who has often referred to himself as a “rocker” at heart, shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the reality of this should come as no surprise Album is far more cursed than originally thought

“What we’re trying to do is rock and roll with less of a philosopher rock,” Lennon said as he pondered the Beatles’ then new album The White Album. It’s an approach that really showed Lennon’s hand: “Rockers are what we really are, “he added.” You can give me a guitar, put me in front of a few people. Even in the studio, if I get involved, I only do my old part not quite Elvis Legs but my equivalent It’s just natural “It’s a simple limit, from the rock and roll greats of the 50s to the dynamism of John Lennon”It’s an equally easy-to-draw line from Lennon to a 1975 cover album title Rock ‘N’ Roll

The last album Lennon would release before retiring from music for five years and opting instead to be a full-time dad.Although that decision was likely emotionally motivated, it is difficult to address the blatant problems surrounding rock Reconsidering ‘n’Roll and not seeing it as a contributing factor to its seclusion Lennon’s sixth solo recording, but the album’s roots go back to 1969 and his song for Timothy Leary’s campaign tune “Come Together”

The song that was eventually featured on The Beatles Abbey Road album borrowed the opening line “Here come old flat-top” from Chuck Berry’s song “You Can’t Catch Me” “Come Together” I am, “Lennon recalled in 1980,” and writing darkly around an old Chuck Berry thing. I left the line in, “Here comes old flat-top, it’s nothing like the Chuck Berry song, but they got me going Brought to court because I admitted the influence years ago I could have changed it to “Here comes old iron face”, but the song remains independent of Chuck Berry or anyone else in the world ”

Although we’re sure Berry himself would have been willing to partake in a settlement that reached his wallet, the song’s publisher, Morris Levy, was the man who prosecuted Lennon in Levy, who brought Lennon a copyright infringement lawsuit, and for the Beatle with glasses, a large bill seemed inevitable.Instead of being down in the dock, literally or otherwise, Lennon agreed to include at least three songs from Levy’s Big Seven Music Corporation as part of a cover record

Lennon began working on the record with Phil Spector in 1973.The infamous producer had already earned Lennon’s respect for his dealings with Let It Be, and now the singer relied on Spector’s eccentric ways again with the producer leaving Lennon in a Hollywood Studio then invited a number of session musicians to record the album.If Phil Spector triggers a call for a John Lennon LP, you can bet there were more than a few musicians waiting to be selected

Some sessions at the legendary A&M studios included over 30 musicians, which means that the recording sessions were by and large messy and impossible to navigate.If you add that Lennon himself experienced his own mess, the album takes one by a long way Heavier perspective on the former Beatle, three years outside the band and in the midst of his solo fame and difficult personal circumstances, was on the move in his career and personal life. It was a period of time which he later titled “The Lost Weekend “was the title of an 18-month period during which he and Yoko Ono separated and, under the guidance of his wife, began an affair with their assistant May Pang

Lennon did as he was told and began seeing May Pang on a more regular basis, but soon fell into bad habits when he started drinking heavily and using heavy drugs again, the months the singer lost on Partying and drinking to unprecedented levels were some of its most frustrating as artists tucked away between Pang’s New York apartment and the LA studios desperate to work through his record deal so he could be free Lennon also fell into a notoriously noisy crowd when Keith Moon and Harry Nilsson became regular drinking buddies.Lennon lived and worked with the two party lovers to make matters worse make

Lennon was obviously trying to release some of his responsibility, noting, “It took me three weeks on rock ‘n’ roll to convince him [Spector] that I wasn’t going to produce with him, and that was not me i won’t go to the control room, i just was I said I just want to be the singer, just treat myself like Ronnie, we’ll pick the material, I just want to sing, I don’t want anything to do with producing, writing or creating, I just want to sing, “When Lennon’s alcohol consumption got worse though and the company he entertained seemed to get worse and worse, it didn’t look good for a simple album

Of course, the sessions turned into sheer riot and dilapidated events, with Lennon toppling over the edge at one point when it was discovered that Moon, infamous in his own way, was peeing all over the console The Lennon was working to make matters worse, Spector also took the master tapes home every night to prove his eccentricity was starting to show – he even fired a gun and injured Lennon’s ear during a meeting with The Beatles Man remembered how recording the master tapes almost derailed the entire album: “One day when he wasn’t going to work, he called me one night and said the studio was burned down. Well this one I didn’t know about it in the early days, you know, didn’t know how far away it was So I said, “Oh, the studio burned down” So a couple of hours have passed anyway the studio burned down So I have someone call the studio, it didn’t burn down”That was the Sunday, the following Sunday, when he called and said on the phone:” Hey Johnny ” I said, “Oh, there you are Phil, what happened?” We’re supposed to have a session “- [he says]” I have the John Dean tapes “I say what?” “I got the John Dean tapes …” What he was telling me in his own sweet way was that he had my tapes, not the John Dean Watergate tapes, he had my tapes locked in the basement behind the barbed wire and the Afghan dogs and the machine guns

“So there was no way to get them. So this album was stopped in the middle for a year and we had to sue through Capitol to get it back from him. It got the singer over the edge and he gave up his sessions.” Spector up to work alone on the east coast

When Lennon returned to New York alongside May Pang, he was distracted by the cover album and wrote and recorded Walls and Bridges instead.It could have been a slight relief for Lennon, but soon his opponent was Morris Levy with a brand new lawsuit back again, this time threatening to take Lennon to court unless he provided the tape he apparently left out of Lennon even used 11-year-old Julian Lennon to jibe Levy slightly at the last moment from Walls and Bridges to make

Eventually, Lennon began to really work on the final cut of the record. Largely sober, Lennon remembered the musicians he had worked with on Walls and Bridges and set some tracks for the much anticipated record, some of the sessions being on one Plot recorded by Levy, offered by the publisher as a respite for Lennon, in response, Lennon offered Levy a rough cut of the tracks they hoped to perfect.Although Levy was rejected by Capitol, he used the rough cuts and roots: John Lennon Sings The Big Rock ‘n’Roll hits were released on his Adam VIII label, and another lawsuit followed

Rock and roll as we know it today was released in a rush and sold for a dollar under Levy’s release to undercut sales. The album cover was also a moment of contention, as it got Lennon into his hamburger Days showed when the blurry images of the former Beatles passed by. It not only perfectly showed that Lennon was now traveling alone, but that the chaos still followed him wherever he went. As he himself so succinctly put it: “It started with 73 Phil and fell apart I got part of a crazy, drunk scene in Los Angeles and ended up doing it on my own and I still had problems with it until it came out I can’t say it’s just compassionate, there’s a curse on this album ”

John Lennon

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