Jodie Foster describes her newest character on the big screen as an “amazing ball of contradictions” She talks about her role in The Mauretanian, in which she plays die-hard lawyer Nancy Hollander, directed by Scottish filmmaker Kevin Macdonald, the film has paved a way through the awards season Foster has already won the Golden Globes Best Supporting Actress award. It’s also in the running for gongs at the upcoming Bafta Film Awards, with nominations for Best Picture and star Tahar Rahim for Leading Actor

Top public health officials in the Biden administration are increasingly concerned about a fourth wave of coronavirus that could hamper the nation’s progress in the fight against COVID-19 in recent weeks

New research published in the American Journal of Public Health earlier this month says Florida is under counting the number of people who have died from COVID-19 in thousands of cases, bringing new allegations about government claims poses Ron DeSantis has successfully overcome the pandemic

Just hours after his sister’s funeral, Earl Simmons was shot dead for attempting to end an ABC 6 fightShot at midnight on 26 March witnesses say Simmons stopped fighting before “multiple guns were fired” and one of the bullets “fatally wounded” Simmons, according to a statement from the Columbus Police Department

In a fierce battle for control of Mozambique’s strategic city of Palma in the north, beheaded bodies were scattered on the streets on Monday Heavily armed rebels fought against army, police and a private military in multiple locations.The Islamic State Group took responsibility for the attack on Monday, saying it was carried out by the Central Africa province of the Islamic State, according to the extremist surveillance group SITE The rebels claim states that the insurgents now control Palma’s banks, government offices, factories and barracks and that more than 55 people, including Mozambican army troops, Christians and foreigners, have been killed

North Korea appears to be preparing to launch a new submarine capable of launching nuclear-grade ballistic missiles The US and South Korean secret services are “thoroughly” monitoring developments at the Sinpo shipyard in the north. New satellite images of the shipyard on the east coast of the peninsula show that a floating dry dock has been positioned next to the launch quay for the huge construction hall in which the submarine is located To be completed Analysis of the images by experts from the Stimson Center’s think tank, posted on the 38 North website, suggests that the new ship “may be near completion or may be rolled out and launched in the near future” The news came as European Security Council members asked for an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss the north’s recent missile launches, which contradict previous Security Council resolutions, with the possibility of additional sanctions against Pyongyang. Recent events suggest for Pyongyang to return to diplomatic strategies of the past Last week, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles from its east coast, the first of such launches in nearly a year, and has been widely interpreted as Pyongyang’s first challenge to the new administration by U.S. President Joe Biden, according to Resolutions The United Nations banned North Korea from firing ballistic missiles On Monday, North Korea accused the United Nations Security Council of “double standards” for criticizing recent missile launches, in a statement by the North’s KCNA news agency defending a ho Senior Foreign Ministry official announced the launches, saying, “Many other countries around the world are firing all kinds of projectiles.” Renovation work on the Shinpo building hall was completed in late 2016, and it is believed that assembly of the submarine will be completed shortly thereafter There are additional signs that the ship may be ready for launch, the analysts said, including an official visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in July 2019 where pictures of the submarine were released by state media to the storage areas on the premises that were filled with components for the vehicle last summer are now also empty. “We are closely monitoring the situation and are closely coordinating it between the South Korean and US intelligence services,” a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense said at a press conference on Monday Norden has already carried out a number of tests with submerged barges d Performed to simulate the firing of a ballistic missile launched from the submarineThe 720-ton ship it builds, designed to carry three ballistic missiles and, in theory, can sail into the Pacific to threaten US military facilities in Hawaii or even the mainland of the continental US, the US military has warned that the use of such a weapon system by the North would represent a significant increase in its offensive capabilities and a new cause for concern However, analysts have told The Telegraph that the threat is less than what US and Japan’s underwater surveillance technology allows, the submarine is said to be closely followed

A court in Vietnam on Tuesday handed a Vietnam Airlines flight attendant a two-year suspended sentence after being found guilty of violating COVID-19 quarantine rules and spreading the virus to others, police said 29-year-old Duong Tan Hau was convicted of “spreading dangerous infectious diseases” during the one-day trial in Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security said in a statement with Vietnam was praised for its efforts contain the virus through mass testing and tracing as well as strict centralized quarantine

The first witness in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin testified Monday that while viewing live police cameras from George Floyd’s arrest last May, she actually thought the video was frozen because of chauvin’s duration on his kneeling neck, reports the New York Times Jena Scurry, a 911 dispatcher, took a position as prosecutors played the video on her testimony, Scurry recalled that she couldn’t say exactly what was happening on the spot, but she said she was concerned about how long officers stayed in the same position and eventually made the rare decision to call her manager and report the use of power. “My instincts told me something was wrong,” Scurry said Monday during the trial A new video was also released from a fixed police camera across the street from Jena Scurry, who is the first witness to take a stand the 911 dispatcher who was watching the footage at the time PicturedTwittercom / qqodzrKA6H – Haley Willis (@heytherehaIey) Jan. March 2021 Per the Times, the indictment “heavily” relies on the argument that Chauvin held his knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds instead of the eight minutes, 46 seconds that police originally claimed that the timestamped Police body camera video reportedly showed the updated number More stories from the weekcomThe trailer park caseJimmy Kimmel fries Trump’s incredibly sober “drunken wedding toast” in Mar-a-LagoTrump, the operator is back

The daughter of a victim of an attack in Chicago speaks out in favor of the rising number of attacks against Asians for believing people should no longer be silent Kaylee Cong’s 60-year-old father was attacked from behind when he was against 11pm on the east side of North Broadway near West Ainslie Street walked on Dec. According to Cong, her father was hit on the left side of his head and froze for a moment when he believed the man who hit him was walking about 100 feet in front of him

A Michigan judge ruled Monday that three men were charged with kidnapping the Michigan government.Gretchen Whitmer, D, is on trial for gang membership, fighting crime and material support for terrorism, but the terrorist threat charge is dismissed , reports the Detroit News Why It Matters: Paul Bellar, Joseph Morrison and Pete Musico are three of the seven men alleged to be linked to the Wolverine Watchmen, a militia group indicted in the conspiracy Whitmer wasn’t the only one Governor they allegedly wanted to target said FBI Axios Markets will get you market news worthy of your time Subscribe for Free What they say, “There has to be some form of intent here to create chaos,” Judge Michael Klaeren said Jan. District Court, according to Detroit News, the threat charge was dismissed because the group was communicating on encrypted platforms, which “in many ways is no different than thinking about yourself,” Klaern said. The big picture: According to Klaeren, the group had a “multilevel Verification process, secret means of communication, required training and exclusive membership “You started a very big snowball that would not stop,” Klaeren said. Although the conspiracy failed, “even something stupid can be a plan,” he added. Kleren named the three Men “unpredictable” and said he had reason to believe that a successful abduction would “result in injury or death or other violent crimes” Go Deeper DHS Chief: Domestic extremism is the “greatest terrorist threat” in the USASDo you like this article? Get more from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free

The teacher who sparked protests after showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed fears he and his family will be murdered, said his father The religion teacher remains in hiding after receiving death threats and has told his family “It’s all over” and he will never be able to return to his job or home. Batley High School in West Yorkshire sent students home last week and apologized after parents of Muslim children gathered at the gates had to protest The RS teacher was described as a “terrorist” in a letter from a community leader. His family has now accused school principal Gary Kibble of “throwing him under a bus” by not fighting his corner while he was walking lives as a refugee The teacher’s father said: “My son keeps breaking off crying and saying that everything is over for him. He is worried that he and is ne family are all killed “He knows he cannot return to work or live in Batley. It is just getting too dangerous for him and his family. The teacher who lives with his partner and children fears that he will suffer the same fate like Samuel Paty, a teacher who was beheaded in Paris last year after showing his students a cartoon of Mohammed during a lesson on freedom of expression. His father told MailOnline, “See what happened to the teacher in France who was killed for doing the same thing. Someday they will have my son and he knows that his whole world has been turned upside down. He is devastated and depressed

The United States suspended a trade deal with Myanmar on Monday until a democratic government is restored in the Southeast Asian country after a February 1 coup, followed by violent crackdown on protests The military overthrew the elected government, locked Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian leaders and has killed and imprisoned protesters in the country also known as Burma

A 48-year-old man was arrested for molesting a 65-year-old elderly Asian woman in midtown Manhattan over the weekend, according to police, and Bobby Eli was arrested on Friday the day after the incident and for aggravated second-degree harassment and threats third degree indicted Both are counted as hate crimes, police said

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on Monday vetoed a bill restricting girls’ sport in public schools to female students, hours after the State House won 67-2 for Noem’s original style and style Having voted his veto, Noem attempted to rewrite several sections of the bill, citing concerns that organizations such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the American Civil Liberties Union would result in punitive action if they passed into law instead of vetoing it first However, a number of Republican lawmakers have criticized the governor’s changes, arguing that the proposed changes go beyond style and form and render the bill meaningless after Noem official a vet against the bill o has lodged, according to Argus Leader, a two-thirds majority of lawmakers will be required to pass the bill over their objections.The governor is expected to convene a special session to consider a new bill containing the amendments she has proposed, According to the paper, after the bill was passed by 20-15 votes in the Senate last month, Noem had announced that she would sign the bill before quickly changing her mind and frustrating her Republican counterparts, according to KOTA TV Women’s fairness in sport bill criticized, introduced by State Representative Rhonda Milstead, passed South Dakota House between 50 and 17 last month An ACLU advocacy manager, Jett Jonelis, testified against the bill: “To the terms of the competition House Bill 1217 closes a whole to improve e group of women and girls from a meaningful participation in sport, “said Jonelis.” House Bill 1217 is not about protecting fairness in women’s sport, “he said” It is about erasing transsexuals and from participating in to exclude all aspects of public life ”

The Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei decided on Monday a “state of prevention” along the border with Honduras According to reports, a new immigrant caravan could form in Honduras.The emergency decree would restrict unauthorized gatherings and demonstrations in the open air and would remain in force for two weeks in the five Guatemalan provinces along the Honduras border. Guatemala issued a similar decree in January to disrupt a previous caravan, arguing it posed a public health risk amid the coronavirus pandemic

A restaurant owner in Palm Desert reports an anti-Asian verbal attack she and her staff received from a group of female customers “They tried to imitate something – I said, ‘Wow, this is amazing'” Nathan Lee , the waiter waiting on the group’s table said the three ladies started yelling and threatening them, “They started targeting our owner here, saying racial slurs and mimicking her language,” Lee said

During the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Monday, 911 dispatcher Jena Scurry testified that the live security video was frozen with George Floyd lying motionless on the floor

In another case of polling confirmatory bias, the Democrats have overestimated the popularity of their gun control efforts as another House bill is reportedly “dead on arrival” in the Senate, sadly because of the infamous filibuster the bill has not stalled – although it would be perfectly legitimate to ask for a 60-vote threshold for laws targeting primarily red states that are excluded from the legislative process – but because moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin and Jon Tester would probably be difficult Supporting House efforts Manchin, who drafted a more modest Universal Background Check Bill a few years ago, represents a state where an estimated 54 percent of households have guns. In Montana, the figure is over 52 percent. But Democrat cream Emanuel has an idea The egg The only way his party can pass guns legislation, he argued on ABCs This Week on Sunday, is to focus less on guns than on people. He argues that Democrats should compromise Republicans by targeting “criminals.” Mental Health and the No-Fly List focus on Why the former mayor of crime-ridden Chicago believes it remains a great mystery to ignore the rights of gun owners in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth amendments to their rights move away from the second amendment. First, Emanuel says that anyone with a “domestic violence record” should “be banned from buying a gun. This is an excellent idea. Also, it is the law of owning a gun after a domestic violence conviction is illegal under federal law – and under numerous state laws gal It is legal for the police to take guns if the partner or child has a “reasonable fear of bodily harm” These rules are occasionally abused by law enforcement agencies, but there is at least a rudimentary due process and no arbitrary gun confiscation, so we can just conclude that Emanuel means that guns should be confiscated from those who have simply been charged with domestic violence by another party. Emanuel’s second idea is to target people with “mental health problems, relationships and anything violent against mental health.” Do has “ban the purchase of guns. Another good idea. Again the law. It is illegal to sell a firearm or ammunition to someone you know or have reason to believe it is classified as an intellectual deficiency or.” Has been admitted to a mental health facility, Emanuel is likely to speak practice r Red Flag Laws That Allow Police To Seize American Guns On Allegations Of Third Parties California, for example, already has a law (grossly unconstitutional, I would argue) that anyone who has checked into a mental health facility – themselves For example, nervous exhaustion or an addiction problem – keeping them from owning firearms for the rest of their lives, even if a person produces overwhelmingly evidence that they would use firearms in a safe and lawful manner, they must never buy a gun such laws rob Americans not only inappropriately of their rights, but also stigmatize mental illness unrelated to potential violence or crime, which is also a great way to discourage gun owners from seeking help, such as those suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide they need Emanuels un The most secretive suggestion, however, is “No Fly, No Buy.” The idea here is to confiscate the weapons of American citizens who have been arbitrarily placed on various no-fly and watch lists by the secret government with no probable cause, presumption of innocence or due process”One can vividly imagine how such lists could be abused by Democrats who believe that the National Rifle Association is a ‘terrorist organization’ and that most Conservatives are ‘white supremacists’, Emanuel said, for example, that the ‘Proud Boys’ is a domestic one Terrorist group “that would fall under the law. Whatever you think of members of the Proud Boys or Antifa, or whichever group you find most despicable, they are made up of individuals Emanuel wants to dispose of supporters of their constitutional rights for thought crimes This is not how it works” No Fly “No Buy” is not a new idea a few years ago the Democrats tried to pass a similar bill. At that point, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy had the Republicans who opposed it, Americans who were on opaque extrajudicial government lists made by put together by a group of bureaucrats were unceremoniously condemned contemptuously of “having decided to sell weapons to ISIS”. These are not your parents’ liberals”” It is of course true that the majority of the people capriciously marked on these lists by law enforcement agencies are Muslims. Most of the 1 million or so people on the list do not even know they are suspected terrorists or any exculpatory evidence On the other hand, it is prohibitively expensive to break off the lists, which involves a complicated process that is often beyond the reach of the average person. Back in 2014, the Intercept reported a leak in an “intelligence source” , at the 280000 people found on government lists in no way associated with potential terrorist organizations Who knows what the number is today Think about this scenario: Civil rights hero John Lewis was once on a no-fly list, Emanuel Believes Lewis deserved it to lose all of his constitutional rights? Even the ACLU, a former friend of the Constitution, has “strongly” argued that this move would undermine civil liberties. What Emanuel does not seem to understand is that guns have no rights, people do and depriving them of these rights is not a compromise / p>

A Texas state soldier who was shot dead in a traffic obstruction last week is not expected to survive, officials said Monday, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Soldier Chad Walker is being temporarily on life support to seek organ donors Walker was shot dead Friday night when he stopped to help a driver in an apparently disabled vehicle west of Mexia, a town about 75 miles southeast of Dallas, according to DPS Regional Director Todd Snyder

US prosecutors have filed new sex trafficking charges against Ghislaine Maxwell, claiming she only recruited and cared for a young girl in 2004.The US government on Monday night expanded its case against Ms. Maxwell, 59, who is currently in New York sits in jail awaiting trial on charges she assisted in molesting three other women and girls British celebrity has denied charges The previous charges focused on abuse claims made between 1994-1997 and the later date would be 2004 Bringing the allegations to the time Ms. Maxwell and former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein met with Prince Andrew The amended indictment, superseded on Monday, adds a fourth victim Between 2001 and 2004, Maxwell and Epstein hired an unnamed 14-year-old girl to have sex with Epstein at his Palm Beach, Florida home

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