Justin Theroux still loves his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston very much.The actress turns 52 on Thursday Birthday and Theroux was sure that she felt special

The Leftovers star posted a never-before-seen black and white photo of his ex on his Instagram story, which he simply titled “Happy Birthday” “

This wouldn’t be the first year Theroux Aniston wishes a happy birthday since they announced their split in 2018 after two years of marriage: heart: you B! “

In 2020 he shared another open black and white picture of the Friends star, writing: “Grabbing 2020 and another year like Happy Birthday B ❤️”

“Happy birthday to that wild woman. Very loving, very nice and incredibly funny ❤️ you B,” the 49-year-old actor captured a picture of his former flame with tinted arms holding up a pair of horns

Aniston and Theroux announced that they were married just days after they turned 49 Birthday break in 2018 in October this year, a source told ET that they would both be fine after the breakup

“Ever since they split up, their friends believe that their plan to get on in life without each other was the best decision for both of them,” the source said at the time. “Neither of them longs for one another but finds each other “

Shortened to 2020, Aniston wowed fans when she reunited with her first ex-husband Brad Pitt and was photographed with him at a public event for the first time since their split in 2005

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Jennifer Aniston

World news – FI – Jennifer Aniston receives birthday wishes from ex-husband Justin Theroux

Source: https://www.etonline.com/jennifer-aniston-gets-birthday-wishes-from-ex-husband-justin-theroux-160461