The front man of 30 Seconds to Mars even invited the sibling musicians to perform at a party in his house that Leonardo DiCaprio attended

Jared Leto has revealed he was considering signing Billie Eilish and Finneas before they get famous

Leto spoke yesterday (26 January) in an interview with James Corden on the Late Late Show in the US about the opportunity

Recalling being introduced to the sibling superstars by film producer Emma Ludbrook and US agent Tom Windish, Leto stated that his first encounter with Eilish and Finneas was a few years ago before they were signed

“They weren’t signed and I thought maybe I would try to sign them, they were so incredibly talented and just special people,” Leto said (you can see him talking about Eilish and Finneas at 6:08 am Mark below) “Music is one thing, but I think they’re just incredibly intelligent, very empathetic, just really good people, and I like them a lot”

The Thirty Seconds To Mars front man and actor also revealed that he invited Eilish and Finneas to a small party at his house that Leonardo DiCaprio attended

“I said,” Hey, are you guys going to come and play some songs? “and they said:” Yes, sure ” They showed up with a guitar center playing the most heartbreaking music on, as you know, it shouldn’t have sounded that good – it was impossible for it to sound that good, ”he said

“I remember Leo DiCaprio was there and a few other people and they just said, ‘How did you find these people and who are they? ‘All were just jaws on the floor, max 12 people with me in the hills Yes, just great people I’m big fans too ”

Earlier this week, Eilish considered seeing her upcoming documentary, Billie Eilish: The Little Blur of the World – and admitted it was “pretty brutal” looking back at her life on tape

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