In my current video tutorial on the top features that showcase the iPhone 12, I didn’t have the iPhone 12 mini in my hand, I was only able to comment on Apple’s big 6 1-inch baseline Smartphone After the iPhone 12 mini arrived, I was able to examine both smartphones in the light of the entire flagship range from Apple. For more information, see our handy iPhone 12 & 12 mini test video

Most iPhone 12 features are common to all models in the range. Differences in size, camera, and battery life can all help you decide which iPhone 12 is best for you All offer the same experience, however.After using all the hands-on models for the past week, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people will be happy with the regular iPhone 12 because it has the best balance between camera, size, and battery life and price offers

All four iPhone 12 models are powered by an industry-first 5-nanometer Apple A14 system on a chip that brings modest performance gains in terms of CPU and GPU, but the most impressive performance advantage is the Neural Engine, which is now 16 Hosts cores and is up to 80% faster With each new iPhone generation, machine learning is gaining in importance as it contributes significantly to the advances in computer photography, which gives the iPhone a clear advantage over “dumb” conventional standalone cameras

If you’re coming from an iPhone 11 or iPhone XR, one of the first things you’ll notice about the iPhone 12 is the display.The Super Retina XDR display is no longer a so-called Pro feature, so everyone can now take advantage of one OLED displays with a contrast ratio of 2000000: 1 and perfect black levels

More importantly, the Super Retina XDR display can get extremely bright, a feature that is critical to HDR functionality.The iPhone 12 display offers a typical maximum brightness of 625 nits, for HDR content However, it can almost double this brightness up to 1200 nits.As we will discuss later, the latest smartphone hardware from Apple differs from its predecessors due to the HDR functions of this phone, especially in the video area

All iPhone 12 models have fantastic cameras with noticeable improvements in capturing in low light.These improvements are partly due to the faster 1: 1 6 aperture on the wide-angle lens, machine learning improvements with Smart HDR 3 and night mode, as well as brand new features like The ability to record, edit, and play back Dolby Vision 4K HDR videos add significant added value to the iPhone 12, while the front-facing TrueDepth camera system is also receiving upgrades such as support for Night Mode and Deep Fusion, as well as HDR video recording

Regardless of what Apple and Verizon have led you to believe, the most standout feature of this year’s iPhone crop isn’t the over-hyped integration of 5G cellular connections, but the support for Dolby Vision 4K HDR, which is the feature that I love most attracts attention because it is immediately recognizable When you see her for the first time she really is like Wow!

But what is really incredible about this year’s iPhone device harvest is the true end-to-end HDR workflow for 4K HDR video (30 fps on the iPhone 12, 60 fps on the iPhone 12 Pro ) As well as recording videos in HDR, I can also edit directly in the Photos app or in iMovie I can even launch an advanced video editing solution like LumaFusion and edit 4K HDR videos there, in my opinion, this is the most impressive feature of the iPhone 12 and is limited not only on the so-called Pro models, but is also available on all four new smartphones from Apple

The main thing between the iPhone 12 Pro and, to a greater extent, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the breadth of camera options and enhancements.Like last year, the Pro-Designated iPhone has a telephoto camera that is to the standard wide – and base model ultra-wide cameras, while this is a nice feature, I think you have to spend a lot of time taking photos and videos with your iPhone to justify the at least $ 200 jump in price to the Pro. p>

The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max offer compelling camera upgrades, especially a third telephoto lens, native RAW photo capture (currently in beta), and 4K HDR video capture of just 30 frames per second on the iPhone 12 bis Up to 60 fps on the iPhone 12 Pro As beautiful as the 61-inch iPhone Pro is, if you care enough about photos and videos to warrant the upgrade, I think you should check out the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max / p>

Apple’s largest smartphone to date has an improved primary camera with better stabilization for improved detection in low light conditions and a 67-inch display, ideal for editing photos and videos. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also offers the highest battery life of all iPhones and provides the endurance needed for long photo and video recordings If you want to raise the cash for the iPhone 12 Pro, you can handle the 6. With a 7-inch form factor, you might as well pay $ 100 more for the model that

offers most of the “Pro” functions

The ability to natively capture RAW photos in the camera app is one of the main features that sets the Pro version of the iPhone 12 apart from the baseline edition, Apple ProRAW is still in beta, but I had got the opportunity to test it out and was impressed

With Apple ProRAW, you can take photos with less in-camera image processing This gives more flexibility in modifying the images in post-production. Apple ProRAW photos have a wider dynamic range that allows you to retain more highlight and shadow data and be more creative with professional editing apps like Affinity Photo, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. p>

After testing Apple ProRAW on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, I can definitely say that I would prefer to always capture photos in Apple ProRAW if I had the choice Unfortunately, native RAW image capture is only for the iPhone 12 Pro available It should be included in iOS 143 once the updated software is released later this year

All iPhone 12 models have an iPhone 4-inspired design with the body sandwiched between two pieces of glass.Although I think the iPhone 6-era iPhones are more comfortable to hold with rounded edges, the lend the The flat edges of the iPhone 12 give the device a clearer look that is easier to spot on a number of metal and glass panels

Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, which includes a nice-looking but fingerprinted magnet made from a stainless steel band, I prefer the base iPhone 12 design with its aluminum band. But I’m a sucker for screen real estate, so of course I went for The iPhone 12 Pro Max 6 cares about the 7-inch screen, much to the horror of my arthritic fingers If I were to use any of the base iPhone 12 models all day I’d probably go for the smaller iPhone 12 mini, it’s crazy to think you could get into Such a small body has so much power and skill If you forget about the second-generation iPhone SE that launched earlier this year, the iPhone 12 mini feels like a true successor to the original iPhone SE, with a footprint that’s closer is than I expected

Aside from its “affordable” price tag of $ 699, the biggest advantage of the iPhone 12 mini is that it is the most hand-friendly phone Apple has made in years due to its bezel-less design that features a home button in favor of the With Face ID authentication omitted, a 5.4-inch display can be packed in a size smaller than the iPhone SE of the 2nd generation Remember that the iPhone SE comes with a significantly smaller 4-inch 7-inch display that gives the iPhone 12 mini a lot more screen space in a more compact design that even people with smaller hands will find easy to use. p>

The biggest downside to the smaller iPhone 12 mini is the small battery. Depending on how you use it, this may or may not be an issue.If you’re a prolific mobile photographer or videographer, it can be difficult to go a full day without it to survive a visit to the socket at noon

An iPhone 12 review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out the MagSafe capability and the various MagSafe accessories that are now available with MagSafe for the iPhone, which takes its name from the no longer existing magnetic charging cable connection that once went on MacBooks was there, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone faster than a regular Qi charger

Here’s a piece of advice, don’t buy MagSafe because it charges faster as it is just a tad faster in Apple terms, not to mention it requires a separate 20W power adapter for full charging power Even with MagSafe, wireless charging doesn’t come up to the speed you get with a wired charger Wireless charging means more convenience than anything else

However, MagSafe is definitely more convenient than a typical Qi charger thanks to the automatic alignment of the magnetic connectivity, so you no longer have to worry about perfectly aligning your device with the charging coils to make sure your device is actually charging

But MagSafe isn’t just about charging one – it’s a whole accessory system MagSafe even includes third-party offerings Companies like Belkin make MagSafe-compatible wireless charging stations and car mounts. Apple’s silicone and leather cases are also MagSafe-enabled and each offer a special color-specific animation and sound when an iPhone 12 is inserted.These cases also work with the wireless MagSafe -Charger and accessories like the currently hard-to-find iPhone leather wallet

5G connectivity is important, but it’s a far cry from the groundbreaking feature that carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are keen to paint, at least for now. Although 5G has a lot of potential, its usage is falling, especially when it comes to that Insanely high speeds that 5G marketing and hype are built on goes flat

With the right carrier in an ideal location in the right city, you may be able to experience the speed only possible through millimeter wave highband (mmWave) connectivity, but most iPhone customers will never experience that speed in fact Apple only sells iPhones that are capable of experiencing the fastest 5G type in the US, and even then, access to this 5G high-band type is relatively rare

That’s not to say the benefits of 5G aren’t already being felt, just because they are – just not at the shocking speeds found in most 5G marketing collateral, so it’s far more likely that your experience with 5G is far more likely that is of the low-band variant, which can result in speeds only moderately faster than the LTE connectivity we’ve enjoyed in the past few years, if at all, in certain areas, you may be lucky enough to be on a considerably access faster mid-band connectivity However, you’ll need to check with your carrier first to see if it’s available. In my particular area in the US, my carrier only has low band available, and the speeds are nothing to write home about

Will 5G connectivity lead to better speeds in more places in the future? Undoubtedly, however, large chunks of the valuable 5G spectrum are still being auctioned off that carriers like AT&T need to flesh out their offerings, give 5G a few more years and it will be more worth the hype

iPhone 12 Proves You Don’t Need A “Pro” iPhone to Get a Great Experience Conceptually, the iPhone 12 mini is the best iPhone ever in my eyes because of its design, size and features. It’s like at a modern iPhone SE, and many of you know how I use the SE. But as much as I like the idea of ​​going back to a small phone and as much as my fingers would appreciate it, I just can’t get it from big phones spoiled and there has never been a bigger iPhone than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

But not everyone can justify carrying around a mammoth phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, let alone 1$ 099 for the privilege of paying the regular 6 all the time, the 1-inch iPhone 12 Pro feels like a no man’s land in this range for all of its capabilities.It’s significantly more expensive than the iPhone 12, but doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of it Larger sibling.For this reason, I recommend the full-size iPhone 12 for the majority of people, or the iPhone 12 mini when you are no longer able to own a reasonably sized phone

The iPhone 12 mini is, in my honest opinion, the best-looking, best-functioning smartphone I’ve come across in years.If you’re not addicted to a great phone, it’s amazing hardware, but depending on how it is It may struggle with battery life The base iPhone 12 is probably the most sensible iPhone in the lineup It has a large, but not overly large 6, the 1-inch display costs $ 799, has an impressive one Camera system with continuous HDR workflow, a slightly better exterior design and better color options as well as 5G cellular functions and MagSafe support

What do you think is the best iPhone for 2020? Sound out in the comments section below with your thoughts on the matter

The iPhone 12 has 5G speed, an A14 Bionic chip, a borderless OLED display, and multiple color options starting at $ 699

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