The Lada 2101 was a compact sedan manufactured by AvtoVAZ between 1970 and 1988 as the company’s first production model, essentially a modified version of the Fiat 124 tailored to the needs of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc It was a humble vehicle and arguably the cheapest new car in the UK when import began in 1974

The original interior of the 124 had a classic design, but Lada modified it heavily and the result was a slightly cheaper looking cabin.A tuning studio from Bulgaria decided to finally redesign the 2101 on the occasion of the sedan’s 50th anniversary and everything what we can say is that the work done is phenomenal

It all started with the complete dismantling of the cabin and complete soundproofing of the body, the tuners created a custom center console with an aftermarket audio system underneath that is the leather-wrapped gear lever and below is an aluminum badge with the date of creation and the name of the Owner

Almost every single detail of the interior has been thoroughly modified The only components that seem untouched are the center vents, the seats were from a Toyota vehicle and were wrapped in fine brown leather with contrasting white stitching unique details that this Lada offers

Our favorite part of the project has to be the little bags that attach to the front door panels.A similar solution can also be seen on the front seat backrests, and there are even little nappa leather cushions for the rear passengers

The whole project took about four months for the Bulgarian team to finish. And no, you can’t buy it – the local Autoclubbg reports that this is a one-time build


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