A billion publicly available Instagram photos were used to train an algorithm created by Facebook to learn to recognize images on their own

Traditionally, algorithms were trained on data sets that had already been categorized by humans – for example cats, dogs or flowers

AI expert Calum Chase said the system could be “an important step toward the holy grail of common sense computers” if proven effective over the long term

Facebook said that this type of technique has already been successful with algorithms that deal with processing speech, but images present a different challenge

This is because individual words are easier to identify than the different parts of a picture – what part of a picture is a tree or an animal, for example, if a picture can contain both and they can be close together

“In the case of images, the algorithm has to decide which pixel belongs to which concept. In addition, the same concept will be very different between the images, for example with a cat in different poses or from different angles,” wrote the company in one Blog

Facebook added that being able to train algorithms on large amounts of data that weren’t first categorized by humans could also help in fighting biased programs

This is because bias can creep in – for example, women are more likely to be characterized by their physical characteristics like hair or smile, while men are labeled with words like “official” and “business” – when categorized by become people

Prof Sandra Wachter of the Oxford Internet Institute said that while the overall research is “very promising,” it is important to understand how the algorithm makes its decisions when not guided by human input

“You might be able to get rid of human bias, but there is no such thing as unbiased, neutral data, so you always have to deal with it,” she said

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