Back then, the then 45-year-old Jagr played with the Calgary Flames in the final game of a 22-game run with just one goal and seven points.It turned out to be the swan song of an incredible NHL career 766 goals and 1921 points in 1733 games from 1990 to 2017 These 766 goals are the third highest in ice hockey, his 1921 points are after Wayne Gretzky and his record of 2857 points in second place, and only Mark Messier and Gordie Howe have signed up for more NHL games than No. 1 qualified 68

In action for his stunning 33rd Season in professional ice hockey as a player, the meanwhile 48-year-old Jagr rose on Wednesday with an assist for a goal for Kladno on the board

And to add one more only Jaromir Jagr fold to this story, Kladno is Jagr’s hometown team and belongs to Jaromir Jagr (Oh, and in 2019 Jagr had a four-goal performance in a direct promotion to to promote his club back to the Czech league after the last five seasons in the Czech league)

Jagr’s career line counts his grand total between the NHL, KHL and Czech leagues, offering a ridiculous 932 goals and 2305 points in 2101 games, 55 goals and 117 points in 154 international games

To be honest, I will always feel robbed that we got to see Jagr only for a single playoff run in Boston It wasn’t the biggest run – Jagr scored 10 assists and scored during a 22-game playoff Runs about a billion goals for Boston but no actual goals – and it didn’t result in a Stanley Cup, it just made that legend work was a sight to behold.He was honest out there, running with one after almost every playoff game at TD Garden Weight vest ice skate After the game!

There’s also a little Jagr-related fun fact about B’s Game 7’s comeback win over the Maple Leafs: He was supposed to be on the ice when the Bruins scored the overtime winner, but he had a skate malfunction and had to down the tunnel for a quick fix, putting Tyler Seguin back out there victorious with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron

The interesting thing about the end of Jagr’s run in Boston was that they seemed to think he was done. The playoff results certainly played a role in this thinking, but it couldn’t have been more wrong for Jagr, who was supposed to be up for another run Wanted to return to Boston with the Bruins, ended up with the Devils and scored 24 goals and 67 points in 82 games in 2013-14. He would add another 60-point season, this time as a Panther in 2015-16, before joining the NHL the Flames ended

Jaromir Jagr

World News – FI – In case you didn’t know, Jaromir Jagr is still doing the damn thing