ICED EARTH singer Stu Block has responded to fans outraged that band leader Jon Schaffer is suspected of illegally entering a violent riot at the U.S. The Capitol opened on Wednesday, Jan. January) conducted during the final tapping of the Congressional vote for the 2020 general election

A photo of Schaffer storming the Capitol was posted online and is now one of the “People of Interest” wanted by the Metropolitan Police in Washington, D for “troubled crimes.” In the photo, Schaffer can be seen standing in front of a mob wearing a hat from the Oath Keepers, an anti-government militia group, pointing a finger while yelling someone out of the frame

Stu, the Canadian-born singer who has been with ICED EARTH since 2011, shared a picture of a red heart on his Instagram on Wednesday, along with the simple caption, “Nuff said #love” which led to the fact that some of his social media followers pondered yesterday’s events One person wrote: “Unfortunately I can no longer support the band you are in. Much love and respect for you as a person and a great singer, but Jon does not get a cent more from me. I will follow you in all future endeavors and you.” I hope Jon realizes that self-centered and ideological concerns not only him but also his extended family. God save you and your family “Block replied,” t [h] is your decision and how you feel and I have to absolutely respect that ”

In 2009 Schaffer raised his eyebrows when he launched his SONS OF LIBERTY project through an appearance on a radio show by the far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

More recently, in an interview with MetalSucks’ “The Quarantinecast,” Schaffer voiced his controversial views on the coronavirus crisis, claiming that COVID-19 was “a psychological war campaign against people, more than a serious pandemic”” Schaffer suggested that a shady elite cabal is using a global crisis as a cover to make profit and consolidate its power”I think there’s a lot more going on than you see here – in fact, I know there is a Legitimate Doctors and Scientists are constantly being censored and banned on YouTube. It’s an unbelievable amount of fraud”

In a Facebook live chat in September 2020, Schaffer said he didn’t trust his government. “I don’t shit if there’s an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ next to the person’s name,” he stated, “You can Don’t put their hope on a president or a person or a mayor or a governor or whatever you have to be out there and actively put pressure on these people, let them know you are careful if you are not careful they will rob you and Steal everything Your freedom too Not just your money They’ll steal your fucking freedom Because they’re a bunch of sick control freaks “

Block – formerly from INTO ETERNITY – made his live debut on ICED EARTH in November 2011

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