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Hyundai’s news this week focused on two main topics, and both of them concern electric vehicles. A day after the South Korean automaker officially got a grip on its upcoming and striking electric car, Ioniq 5, it announced 82 battery packs000 electric vehicles previously sold worldwide to recall and replace due to the risk of fire While the recalled vehicles have nothing to do with the as-yet-unreleased Ioniq 5, we asked Hyundai to provide a little more detail on the issues that led to a massive recall

So far, 15 fires have been reported with the Kona EV, 11 of them in South Korea. According to BusinessKorea, Hyundai used around 65 batteries from LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation for its Kona EV000 Kona electric vehicles were sold with LG batteries, while SK packs in 12000 Kona electric vehicles and an additional 38000 electric Kia Niro hatchbacks that use a powertrain similar to the Kona electric vehicle.All Kona electric vehicles that caught fire up to this point were fitted with batteries provided by LG

Hyundai Motor Company has decided to voluntarily recall certain Kona Electric, Ioniq EV and Elec City vehicles in Korea for full battery (BSA: Battery System Assembly) replacement The decision reflects the results of an investigation carried out by the Korean government, the Uncovered the possibility of short circuits in certain defective battery cells at LG Energy Solution’s Nanjing plant that could lead to fires
Immediate action will be taken to avoid any inconvenience to customers and the company will continue to prioritize the safety of its customers. Similar announcements will be made for affected vehicles in other markets in accordance with local regulations and guidelines

Since Hyundai claims “the possibility of short circuits in certain defective battery cells manufactured by LG Energy Solution’s Nanjing facility” is the main cause of potential vehicle fires – LG claims that Hyundai had LG’s proposals for fast ” misapplied “- charging logic in battery management system – it’s important to note that the Ioniq uses 5 cells from SK International, not LG. Although we cannot predict the future, Hyundai is unlikely to use LG Chem batteries for at least the foreseeable future will use future vehicles based on its E-GMP platform, and reports from Korea support this likelihood

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Ioniq 5

World news – FI – Hyundai will use SK Innovation battery cells for the Ioniq 5