First came the stupid bitch test, then the dominant personality test and our own Deliveroo Wrapped But now there’s a new thing that reveals the very depths of your psyche: the “How Bad Is Your Spotify” Test where a robot literally judges every single part of your Spotify listening history and then simply rips you to absolute pieces. Cheers, buddy, son is crying because you said his taste in music was “Aging-Boy-Bander Bad”

It’s all over Twitter, but what is the “How bad is your Spotify?” robot test and how do you actually do it? Fortunately, we have all the answers. Buckle up kids, because a robot is about to roast you:

Well I’m glad you asked How your Spotify packaged, while not an official Spotify deal and much, much meaner, this piece of AI judges “your awful taste in music” At the risk of literally offering my soul on a record, naked, stripped and ready to be judged by the world, here are my results:

It told me that my Spotify listening habits were “$ 60-white-T-shirt-80s-prom-sitting-alone-in-the-cafeteria bad”, “Succulent-growing indie-pop bad” and ” Can “were-convinced-the-earth-is-bad” In short: this robot absolutely had my life

I like to assume that I only have 23 percent basic knowledge, and I’d bet few people have ever been called Dad and Swiftie at the same time. Have I ever wistfully looked for girls while listening to talking heads at school like I’m in an 80s coming-of-age movie? You’ll never know. But when I did, at least I was in touch with my feelings

One of my pals also did the robot spotify test and was told that it is 40 percent easy and “stuck in the early 2010s” Highlights of her results include “Beloved Harry Since X Factor Bad” and “Crying Badly During Sex,” thanks to her obsession with Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd and Rihanna Take What You Want

Easy! Go to the Puddingcool / 2020/12 / Judge-my-Spotify / log into your Spotify, and then you can sit back, relax and let the frying begin

When you’re done crying over your results, share them on Twitter with a thoughtful joke so people know that you are really cool, absolutely fine and actually listening to good music

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How bad is your Spotify?

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